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I'm looking for a florst and have gotten a lot of recommendations, however no one will tell me what their price points are!! Before spending my time meeting with a florist, I want to know if I can afford it or not. Does anyone know typical price points for Durocher or Forget me not florist?
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Re: Florist?

  • Most florists will work within your budget, whatever that may be... When I got quotes, bridal bouquets ran anywhere from $125ish and up, depending on how elaborate you want to go... could be $250+ depending on what you're looking for... I got a rough estimate from one florist that attendant bouquets could be anywhere from $60-$100, depending on colors/flowers...

    I met with Durocher's back when I was pricing out florists... it was a 20 minute meeting.. she was extremely pleasant... she wrote down what colors I was looking for, we went through books and she pointed out which flowers were in season at the time of my wedding in the colors I was looking for... then she emailed me a price estimate about 2 days later...

    I'd suggest just setting up an appointment and talking to various florists... it's hard to gauge price points without specifics...
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  • Forget Me Not is outstanding! I second the above comment about florists working with you - the pricing is going to largely depend on the flowers you want and if they're in season. (Get in-season local flowers to cut costs, this amde a HUGE difference at my wedding!)
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