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Hey Brides!! I'm newly engaged in the Brewer area! Our wedding isn't until OCt 2011 and I've already started planning! I've got a few tours set up. One is with Morgan Hill and the other is Millenium in Newport! Have you had a wedding there? Does anybody have any good advice for a wedding on a budget! We need to keep it under 4500! Thank girls! Best of luck to all of you!
PS: Is any one else addicted to the website or what!!!

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    I'm less than a month away from our wedding and have definitely been addicted to these boards since I started planning!  There are a great place to get advice, and to talk about your wedding when everyone around you gets sick of hearing about it :)

    I haven't been to either of those places, but I hope your tours go well!   As far as budget, there are a million good ways to keep it down.  Making things yourself can help.  There are also a million ways to find less expensive dresses, or to find a caterer that will work with your budget.  Keeping your guest list small can also really help with costs.  

    Good luck, and come back with any questions or just to talk about how it's going!
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    I have been to weddings at both locations and in mho Morgan Hill is prettier but Millennium is much more affordable.  I know that millennium provides all the stuff to create centerpieces so that would save you money as well.  If you have a separate ceremony site, millennium is a greay choice (they do have a local ceremony site at Manson Park in Pittsfield.

    Welcome to the Maine board and congrats on your engagement!
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    That is great news to hear about how affordable Millenium is.. I really have my heart set on it! I will definitely let you girls know which one I decide! Good luck!
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    Congrats! And good for you for planning early!
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    Welcome and congrats!
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