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May wedding - hair??

Anyone have any suggestions for hair for a May wedding? I am thinking half up with wavy, loose curls. Worried about wind though. Any thoughts? Anyone else wear their hair like this for their May wedding or planning on wearing their hair like this? 

Re: May wedding - hair??

  • I got married in early September, so not exactly the same.. but I originally wanted to do a similar style, I have very thick, naturally curly hair, and I thought it woudl be fantastic, but after seeing pictures of bride's hair blowing in their face, I decided to do an up-do, but still work with my curls. I would suggest talking with your hair stylist, who knows your hair, and hopefully will be honest with you on what would work best for your hair type. Here's one of the better photos of just my hair.
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  • I didn't decide until my reheasal dinner day :)  I thought about wearing it half up with lots of curl, or pull it to the side in a long pony-tail with lots of loose curls.  The day of the rehearsal, I wore my hair down, and it drove me crazy!  By the end, I had it pulled up bcuz it was so windy.  Needless to say, I went with the side pony tail with loose curls :)  
  • What about a waterfall braid (that's what I'm thinking!)? That would keep your hair out of your face but still be down to show curls/waves.

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