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April 2012 Weddings

The conundrum

Is anyone else haing a hard time trying to focus on a vision for the wedding/reception? I have been struggling with this for months now. I know i have tons of time to plan, but it is very difficult to think of venues and colors without having a style in mind. If anyone has any tips they used or plan to use, let me know!
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Re: The conundrum

  • Hi. I am having the same problem as well. I have my color, but no theme. I know it doesn't help you, but I will shop around and try to give you any pointers I recieve! Good LuckLaughing
  • Same here. I keep thinking if i get either the venue or the dress nailed down i will be able to get a good vision. But i know it's still WAY too early to go dress shopping.
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  • Maybe start by looking around at what other ppl did; see what you like and don't like. Think about the kind of day you want to have and how many ppl you want there; narrowing those two down helps a lot.
  • wow there are more april 12' wedding then i thought!

    I am so excited for my wedding i do nothing but browse the internet for wedding ideas and everything else.

    I created a microsoft word document of all my ideas for the wedding...start with simple things such as; inside or outside ceremony, church or hotel, you pick church so start looking at churches and so on....

    i have lots of ideas and i cant decide on colors but i found creating a notepad to take down links and ideas really helps because  i can go back and look weeks later and see if i still like that idea or venue.

    for me colors are the hardest to pin down (before i was engaged i was a wedding freak so that might help me)

    i watch lots of shows like...say yes to the dress, bridezillas, my fair wedding........

    go wedding crazy, it will either confuse you or help you decide what you DONT like lol.

    Keep all of our ideas on the computer so you can easily get rid and add things.

    good luck!
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  • jelique7  has a great idea.  I have excel sheets like that with tabs for like dress, flowers, invites and such.  They are hidden away so I don't over think things... this does not stop me from making new ones haha.  I think that if I have liked it this long it is a keeper.
  • I have my "wedding bag" with magazines, binder and notes; as well as the spreadsheet with wedding songs and ideas there, too....it's an ongoing battle not to get overwhelmed (or underwhelmed)

    I did have a really poopy experience, though. I went to look at two venues and they were so not about helping me. I was treated pretty shabily, which really sucked...I even made sure to let them know I was not holding anyone to pricing,  am just trying to get ideas! Just put a damper on the excitement...but it did eliminate two choices without my really having to do anything more than deal with their sales offices! :)
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  • P3ggyP3ggy member
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    Think about what is important or special to you and your fiance.  For instance, my fiance and I are big into gardening and plants and we love the outdoors.  This is going to be a main theme in everything we do.  We're still as far out, but we know the general idea of what we want.  Make it personal!
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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_april-2012-weddings_conundrum?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20Club%20BoardsForum:05427f07-4ba2-44d6-9271-99a7af1ee5c0Discussion:1c7c95a4-e5bf-47c6-bb4b-76ba8efebb3aPost:b2a6c027-a9bc-48f0-8c09-431cad3a4e1c">Re: The conundrum</a>:
    [QUOTE]Maybe start by looking around at what other ppl did; see what you like and don't like. Think about the kind of day you want to have and how many ppl you want there; narrowing those two down helps a lot.
    Posted by SarahM2012[/QUOTE]

    I definitely agree with that. Start looking around, and bookmark or save every website, picture, or blog that catches your interest. Then you can go through everything you saved and I'll bet you start to notice a pattern of the kind of things you like, be a it a more beachy look, or very modern. You could realize that you saved a lot of pictures of city skylines in the background, or fall trees in the distance.

    Also, here's a questionnaire that can help you determine your wedding style. It's meant for newly engaged couples to find out if they have the same ideas, but you could use it to get a feel on the type of wedding you're interested in. Make yourself follow the rules, so you have to choose your answers.

    <a rel="nofollow" href="http://weddings.about.com/od/gettingstarted/a/Questionnaire.htm">http://weddings.about.com/od/gettingstarted/a/Questionnaire.htm</a>

    Good luck!
  • Agreed, think about what's special for you and your fiance and what makes you feel inspired.  My fiance and I went on a fabulous trip to Hawaii just before we got engaged and since we won't be going back there to get married (we don't want to subject our families to the travel logistics), that was where I got the idea for my theme and colors.  I had always been thinking of a tropical theme as part of the compromising between his vision and mine, since I wanted to get married on a beach somewhere and he wanted a traditional wedding here at home.
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  • New to the April 2012 board didnt realize we had one till just now I guess I just assumed with it being so far off we wouldnt have a board yet LOL. Anyways I have found that looking at others decor has helped me a lot in the aspect of knowing what all you need to plan for. But as for what you actually do I got some really great advice from my day of cordinator and she told me that the reception is really supposed to be a party that shows off your personality as a couple. So with that I kinda just ran with it and we already had our colors picked out which are Navy White and Silver also known as the Dallas Cowboys colors. My fiance and I are HUGE football fans so we have decided to go with a backyard BBQ kind of theme we are having a buffet dinner, my table number tents will actually be print outs of football jerseys and our tables wont have your typical 1, 2, 3, numbers instead we will be picking our favorite all time Dallas Cowboys players and numbering the tables after them ex. table Smith 22 after Emmit Smith and Aikman 8 after Troy Aikman. We are also getting Dallas Cowboys M&Ms made for our tables. So my advice make your theme something that reflects your personality as a couple. It will make it more meaningful and give your guests a true look into you both as a couple

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