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Disappointing cake tasting...recs please

So we had out first cake tasting today at the cake gallery, and it did not go well. From the minute we walked in we were pretty much ignored and neglected. We had an appt. and we waited a half hour until my fiance went and got someone to sit with us. When someone finally did, it was with plenty of attitude and she tried to shoot down our ideas. She just kept telling us how much extra this and that were going to be, in a kind of "you don't want that " way. I have alot budgeted for my cake because I know what I want is expensive and not all places will do it, but she didn't ask us any questions, I don't even think she got our names. Overall we weren't pleased and feel kind of let down. we have another tasting with graham's goodies, i have hope for that one, but would appreciate any good recs. I know plenty of you have posted cake info on other posts, so thanks for replying

Re: Disappointing cake tasting...recs please

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    Hello again, dress twin.  =)We're using It's a Piece of Cake:http://www.itsapieceofcakeinc.com/Kaelia makes her cakes out of her home... her samples tasted AMAZING. There have been so many times that I just wanted to pick up a giant sheet cake from her before the wedding just to indulge in her cake! It's soooo good. I highly recommend the almond cake with fudge filling and the chocolate cake with peanut butter filling. I can't wait to eat it again... only 56 days away!! She's also very nice and pleasant to work with.
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  • teacherlady79teacherlady79 member
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    My FMIL got me a caKe from Cake Gallery for my bday last year so I could try them out. I was really disappointed...it was dry, obviously had been frozen and thawed, and really didn't have much taste.  Also, they used some kind of jarred or canned raspberry sauce for the filling, which wasn't very good.  I ended up going with Gerda's Bavarian Bakery & Restaurant on 52nd & Leavenworth. I love her, and her goodies are fantastic!

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  • thejennygirlthejennygirl member
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    I absolutly LOVE Grahams goodies. She does it out of her house but she has been doing it for quite a while. you go to her house for a testing and for us she had 10 different samples and they were AWESOME. We had went to cake gallery 1st and had the same experience you did. We are only having around 75 people at our reception and they cake gallery was going to want $400-500 for the cake we wanted that alone was ludacris so we went to Grahams goodies and not only were her cakes awesome but waaaay cheaper and she gave us undivided attention for as long as we needed to be there.  heres the website-there are even some pics on there for u to see some options of what she can do. www.grahamsgoodies.com/
  • tarmar81tarmar81 member
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    Try Dorothy Thompson with Omaha Pastry.  (www.OmahaPastry.com)   She works out of her home but is also the pastry chef at The Champions Club.  We gave her three flavors/combinations we wanted to try, then went to her house to discuss the details with her and work out the price. She sent us home with three HUGE samples, and said she prefers sending couples home with the samples so they don't feel awkward just eating tons of cake in front of her.  I thought that was awesome. :)
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    We are using Linda Tills, at 75 cents a slice (for wedding & groom cake) it was a great deal!  And her cakes taste great.  She brings you 2 "sample" cakes...but they were the size of the top layer of a wedding cake.  We had chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream frosting, and strawberry filling for one cake and vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream frosting, and strawberry filling for the other.  both were moist & delicious!  my fiance devoured the vanilla cake within 2 days!!  and he's not a "sweets" person!!!
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    That's too bad about Cake Gallery. We used them in April for our wedding and had a great experience with them. We got lots of rave reviews from people at our wedding, people even wanted to take some of the leftovers we had! We thought they were super moist compared to other cakes we had tried and we tried many different places. Sorry you had such a bad experience :(
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    I have been to a couple of weddings that used the cake box and I have never had cake that was so good.  One of the weddings was a good friend and she said he was amazing to work with their bridal cake was kind of simple but the grooms cake was not.  Both are sports fans of rival teams so the grooms cake was a football field with opposing helmets coming off of them with the word "for the first time will be united as one" under it.  Prolly to much detail but the idea is he can do just about anything and my friend said even the bartender who attends many weddings wanted to know where she got her cake from.
  • missypibmissypib member
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    We're using Graham's Goodies also. She was so nice to work with and everything we tasted was wonderful. I can't wait to see how ours turns out!
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    I second Grahams Goodies!! She is the nicest person I have ever met!!! And her cakes were wonderful!
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    I also love Graham's Goodies!! She's amazing.  We took home multiple cake samples (german choc., lemon, straw. and champagne, vanilla, and choc.)  She even was alright with our dog coming and allowed him to run all over her house while we did the taste testing because we were heading out of town and wouldn't have had time to pick him up before we left.  I can't wait to taste the cake at our wedding.  She's been so amazing to work with so far.  Only 69 days left!! :)
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    thank you ladies for all your replies! We have renewed faith that a cake will actually be present at our wedding :)
  • ThisIsMelindaThisIsMelinda member
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    I'm also using Simply Elegant. I don't think she's that expensive (at least compared with Cake Gallery) but she never acted like any of my ideas were not doable. Her prices are actually pretty standard no matter what you want to do. Fondant, of course, is a little more expensive but unless you want to do really elaborate decorations, the price doesn't change.-Melinda
  • ayoung22ayoung22 member
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    We used Diane Severson and our cake was amazing!  We had so many compliments on it.  It also looked exactly how we wanted it to look.  I would highly recommend her!
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