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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

QOTD 6/23

Are you/did you and your FI exchange gifts? If so when and what were/are they?

Re: QOTD 6/23

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    we did not exchange gifts we were going to buy eachother something on our honeymoon and exchange it the day we were leaving but the day befroe we left for our honeymoon we got a call that they accepted our offer and we were buying our house.So we decided that we would buy eachother something for the house when we moved in.
  • My DH didn't get me a wedding present, but we did exchange cards a couple days after the wedding (we forgot them on the wedding day).  I did boudoir pictures and gave them to him on our honeymoon.
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    I got a boudoir shot done for DH. He bought me a new camera.
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  • We didn't exchange gifts. we ran out of money :)
  • I did B-pics for him.  I think he's getting me something, but I'm not certain.  We'll probably exchange them wedding night after the party, or if we're too wiped out by then, the next morning. :)
  • Yes we did-we had the best man bring his to me and my MOH bring my gift to him over to him all right before the ceremony.  I gave him a really nice baton case (he is a conductor) and he gave me a really nice somethin'-somethin' for the wedding night ;)
  • My father was on his way to see him 2 hours before the ceremony so I had my present delivered by him. I had made him a card and wrapped a centennial coin set (his birth year). He likes coins and was very happy.

    I wasn't expecting any present from him (he paid for our honeymoon) so I was surprised when my dad popped in a little later and said: "just dropping this off, from your groom". He got me a 16G Ipod, with video and had it engraved "to my new wife and love of my life". I was so happy!!!

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    [QUOTE]We didn't exchange gifts. we ran out of money :)
    Posted by momofayden[/QUOTE]

    This exactly.
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