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Hi Ladies, Many of you have mentioned lists you provided your photographers of shots you would like them to get. I think this is a great idea! Could you share some of your lists?
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Re: List for photographer

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    Basically if you think something is a given (ie: picture with your parents and siblings) write it down anyways.  I had a huge list and forgot to bring it and I hadnt told him everything but assumed they were "typical" wedding pictures so then I was bummed that we missed out on certain things.- individual pictures with each bridesmaid (I thought this was a given but apparently not and I was really bummed)- extended family photos- write down who you want specifically to be included so you dont forget anyone.  - detail shots of all your projects- "jumping" bridal party picture- me and the boys- david and the girls- the obligatory ring pictures  (there are some really creative ones out there-- we did our rings with Bananagram letters spelling LOVE)- pictures at sunset- lots of pictures of you and your new hubby!I know there are more but that's all I can think of right now.  Try google imaging "wedding portraits" or something like that and see what you like and add them to your list!Hope this helps a bit :)

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    i just want to say ditto to PP because i was also slightly bummed that i wasn't more specific about some things. my photogs take primarily photojournalistic pics, which i love, but i would have liked some more posed pics. i felt very very rushed while taking group shots. while i think they were rushing so they could get in a lot of pics of DH and me before any rain came (which it never did) i wish we had spoken up more and been firm in what we wanted. that being said, i am obsessed with our pics, but i do have that in the back of my mind.
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