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I kind of feel like typically brides dye there hair lighter for their weddings well right now I'm pretty blond which I love but I feel like it's starting to look pretty unhealthy which I don't want I want my hair to look as healthy and shiny as possible in March so I'm thinking about dying it a richer carmel blond just to keep it healthy  I know it's months aways but I'm trying to get my beauty routine down I've already been going once a month for facials and went to the dermatologist Wensday since my stress has caused little "friends" to pop up. I've already ditched the hair dryer and the flat iron and have been letting it be it's natural curly wavy self but I feel like it's not enough. So is anyone else going darker for their wedding or thinking about going darker? Is anyone elses wedding months away and their already working on how there going to look? (or am I the only loony prefectionist)

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    i'm a hairstylist and i'm proud that you have taken to thought what your hair is going to look like and that you are doing something about it now. in my professional opinion going to darker in most cases will make hair look healthier and have more shine. and backing off the blow dryer and flat iron are good too. but making sure you use the right products is always a good idea to protect your hair also. some advice though for you is deep conditioning, especially if you think your hair is on the dry side, but more importantly is if you decide to go darker, go to a professional and talk with her/him. i've seen some scary things when people try going darker themselves. good luck and congrats on getting married. and don't worry, you're not a loony perfectionist!! i'm the same way!!
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    I set my appointment with my hairdresser we're already going to start figuring out what style I want for day of too so I'm going darker next week.
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