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**JulyBM & JenLu*

Julybm - My sisters freind did the writing on the sign for us. It was a last minute project and he saved the day.JenLu - yes my shoes were dyed,  I had them dyed at a shoe shop in Covina for $25.00 I can look up the name if your intrested.  The earrings I purchased at Nordstrom, they are by Nardi, I'm sure you can still find them there.

Re: **JulyBM & JenLu*

  • JenLeuJenLeu member
    edited December 2011
    Thanks for the info!  Covina is a little far for me, so I'll try to find a place in the OC.  I thought the earrings looked like Nadri!  I love their stuff, and I think I have seen them there before.  They look so much prettier on a real bride!
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