AW: Got my dress F/U: Yolandas

I am so excited - I bought my dress yesterday!!  I am absolutely in love with it.  After going to both Yolanda's and Vows I ended up with a dress from Yolanda's.   As far as the sale at Yolanda's goes - if you buy brand new nothing is discounted.  If you buy a sample the discount all depends on how long they have had the dress/how much work needs to be done to it.  I did not look at bridesmaid dresses but I did look at veils and they also offered a discount on samples only.  I honestly had a great experience.  I worked with Beth and she was awesome.  She also brought me out dresses well below my price range and of course some way above.  I tried on a few dresses under $1000.00 - something that I thought wouldn't happen there.

Re: AW: Got my dress F/U: Yolandas

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