Shower tomorrow...I'm nervous!

Hey everyone!  My shower is tomorrow, and I'm getting really nervous.  Did anyone else feel this way??  I'm partially nervous about having all the attention on me, but I guess that is good practice for the wedding!  I'm also nervous about people having fun and enjoying being there.  People always complain about going to showers, ya know?  Anyone have any advice or words of wisdom?

Re: Shower tomorrow...I'm nervous!

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    Just have fun!I was super nervous for our e-party but once we got there and saw all of our friends by fears were out as ease. Oh and make sure to have some type of alcoholic drink ;)
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    Have some of your friends/bridal party sit next to you while you open gifts so you don't feel so "on display." It will also keep the gift opening moving at a good speed so people will be less liekly to get bored. Good luck and have fun!
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    i felt the same way about my shower, i was so nervous about all the attention and opening gifts in front of everyone. it was such a fun day and it went by SOOOOO fast so enjoy every minute :-)
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    Have fun! I agree with pp about making a little present opening assembly line. Also have someone make notes about who gave what so it'll be easier for the thank you notes.
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    I am already nervous about mine and it hasn't even been planned yet!  But I agree that having people around you to keep things moving...and a glass of wine will help! 
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    Mine is Sunday and I am nervous too. Mine will actually be the first bridal shower I ever go to.
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