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fake rose petals: tacky or no?

If they are used on the table for an accent to the centerpeices, is it tacky? WDYT?

Re: fake rose petals: tacky or no?

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    I hope its not tacky I am using them;)
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    I've seen them on tables before, and I don't know that I love it-- they tend to look fake.  Or at least the ones I've seen looked very fake.But I also don't love rose petals generally.Real rose petals are cheap though, no?
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    I'm not a big fan of fake rose petals...
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    I don't think that's tacky at all, especially if it's an accent. I'll be using fake maple leaves for a fall wedding and I hope that doesn't fall into the same boat!
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    Personally I don't think they are, I am not a fan of roses, we are doing them in the flower girl baskets and maybe on the cake table. I also have a weird thing real flowers at the same level as food and the possibility of it touching the food freaks me out, but I'm a weirdo lol.
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    hm. not sure about price. I guess I just assumed they were cheaper... has 6000 rose petals for $140. How many would I need for 16 tables? My cousin did fake rose petals and I remember my mom hating them. Just wondering - trying to cut costs... as usual.
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    It depends on the quality and the good quality ones are probably as expensive as real petals.  Ask your florist what they would charge.  Mine just gave me the ones for the aisle and flower girls basket.
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    Honestly, I'm not a big fan of fake rose petals. Most of them look obviously fake and it's just not my style. The fake leaves for a fall theme tho don't seem as bad to me tho, for some reason...
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    See and I have a major problem with leaves real or fake, everyones different in the end but opinions are always great
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    justagrl i love your wedding cake!! is it called the mad hatter cake?
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    sorry, not a fan.  either splurge for the real thing or skip them all together. 
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    I thought I replied to this but I don't see it...probably posted in the wrong thread. I would do fake petals or leaves. If you feel like your florist is charging too much for petals go to your local grocery store and by a bouquet of roses and shake them till the petals fall off. That should be enough to scatter around your tables, there's no way you would need 6000 petals.
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    For my parent's surprise anniversary party that my sister and I threw, we used them because we were on a tight budget. I don't know that I would use them for my wedding though. I would probably just go with a different CP or find something else to scatter.



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    i used them! thought they looked great.  got them from  (1000 for $17.99)
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    My venue supplied the real ones--does your venue do that?  Otherwise, I would have gotten them from my florist--not a fan of fake.
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