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Well, ladies.... Yesterday I finished Breaking Dawn - the last book of the Twilight saga...I feel so FREE!!  Something made me sooo obsessed with those books that I read all 4 in 2.5 weeks.  For those 2.5 weeks, I didn't do one single load of laundry.  I'm also pretty sure I probably only cooked dinner once.  I'm soooo ready to get back to normalcy!  BTW - I loved every single book!  (Ash - can't do the movie tonight.  I now have a ton of laundry to catch up on! LOL) 


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    So, you were satisfied with the ending?? Some ppl were not. I was fine with it
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    I absolutely was!   I actual felt like it has some finality to it....which is what I was hoping for.
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    See I disagree- I think it left room for more. We'll talk more at our Twilight date night. lol
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    I know the feeling.. I read all four books in 2 weeks and my fi was so ready for me to done.  I was so obsessed.  I was ok with the ending although I feel the author rushed through the whole last book. I think the last book should have really been two books. but oh well. congrats on your freedom!!!! lol
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    I agree. The ending could have been better and was rushed. I completly hated the ending and thought there was no ending (and then i figured out there was some text on the back of the page). I felt so SMAT... I mean SMART! My order of favorites was 3,1,4,2.
  • STADT2BSTADT2B member
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    I read all for books in 7 days last year when we went on vacation! :) I couldn't stop.  I still haven't seen the movie yet? I don't want it to ruin the series for me!
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    I know what you mean about feeling free...I just finished the series this morning and already feel like I have so much more time! I was okay with the ending...probably my favorite one! :)
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