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tux or suit??

I am having a very small outdoor fall wedding. I'd like it to be more on the casual side. Anyone doing suits instead of tux? if so where did you get them and for how much? Neither his bestman or his groomsmen even own a suit!!! Do tux shops generally have suit rentals as well? I of course don't want the groom in a suit and them in a tux! I don't want to have to ask either of his guys to buy a suit either...... help! thanks!!!

Re: tux or suit??

  • We are doing suits. FI & his best man went to Mens Warehouse & it was "buy one get one free" so it was not too bad. Plus, that was our "gift" to the BM. :-)
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    That's perfect - I have one about ten miles away so I hope they are running that special here! Thanks!
  • We are doing suits as well.
  • Mens warehouse has that sale all the time I think. If they split the cost of the one they have to buy it would end up being about the same as the rental.
  • We're also doing suits. And FI bought his for less than $130But it's a worthwhile investment to buy one for other things like job interviews or other formal events. Macys, Sears, JCPenney, etc often have sales that include their formal wear department. But be sure to also look for a good tailor to make sure everything fits well if you need alterations.
  • We're having them wear suits they already own.Depending on where you go, it might be cheaper to buy.  You can usually get a tux on sale for less than the cost of a rental unless you have something very specific in mind.  JCPenney also usually has nice looking suits on sale for less than a tux rental.  If they don't already own suits, they definitely don't need high quality ones for everyday wear.
  • Kohl's even has suits for like less than $100. We picked a suit color and told the guys that they could buy one wherever they wanted. They'll all have to buy one but they're all going to be pastors and I know they'll use them. I think it will be a much better deal for them than tux rental.
  • The groom is wearing a navy sports coat with khaki's and the groomsmen will be wearing khaki's and a matching shirt and tie. Also got them at men's wearhouse - they were really helpful.
  • Most tux shops also carry suits to rent. FYI-the difference between a suit and a tux is the shiny lapel and the satin stripe on the pant.
  • We did suits because tuxes would have been too formal. You can rent suits at most tux shops.Keep an eye out for deals - we got a two for one deal so the guys ended up paying only $100 each for their suits, and $60 for their shirt. They would have paid close to that to rent a tux.
  • we're doing suites cuz the groom thinks tuxes are uuuuuugly.  (and i agree with him) every guy should own a black suit, if he doesn't own one now then this is the perfect excuse to get one.
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  • Early on my now husband (married June 27), asked that he not have to wear a tux, and I was just fine with that.  I gave a swatch of gray fabric to the guys, and a swatch of navy blue fabric to the gals and told everyone to just match the color -- I didn't care if the styles were different or for the gals, if the lengths were different -- just so long as the colors matched and everything went perfectly.  By the way, we had about 130-140 guests and it was an indoor wedding.
  • Groom will either wear a suit or a navy blazer and tan trousers.  No wedding party.
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  • FYI Men's warehouse buy one get one is done FOREVER.  I just went there on the 1st and the sale ended on 7/31 after it's been going on since Nov of '08.  That was going to be our gift to the groomsmen but now we decided to go with the tuxes.  They do still have great deals though that include a shirt a tie with the suit.
  • You could also go to department stores ... they often have sales.
  • Suits are definitely the way to go for daytime, outdoor weddings.  We are doing suits for our September 09 wedding.  FI originally selected black because as people posted, most men do or should own a black suit.  After some reading (about the one suit every man should own) he then changed his mind to navy (which is the color of the bm dresses).  A couple of the gm had navy, a couple had to buy but got great suits for really good deals (check overstock.com, departments stores as mentioned, etc..).  You shouldn't feel bad about asking them to spend $$ on buying a suit...if you did tuxes they would pay for the rental and then return it.  This way they actually own something to wear again.  And besides...how much do women spend every time we are in a wedding...dress, shoes, hair, makeup, gifts, etc...  I know this is a new concept for the guys (to spend $ on wedding attire that isn't a rental) but I think more and more people are doing it (my friend who was married in Feb had their GM purchase black Calvin Klein suits at Macys...on sale).Best of luck and enjoy the planning! 
  • If you can get a high quality suit on sale, that's the way to go, but if you can't find any deals, Target has decent looking suits.  My fiance needed a black suit with very little notice, and we just went there.  I think it was about $70.00, and, no, it's not great, but from a bit of a distance, I really don't think the difference is noticeable.
  • Do you have a Joseph A Banks near you? I saw an ad for a sale they had going on this weekend (sorry, unsure if it's still happening) and it said men's suits were 40-60% off. Happy shopping!
  • We're doing the tux thing, but without vests, so they'll just have a jacket, pants, shoes and ties. It'll only run 85 bucks since we aren't doing the vests, but since our colors are all different for each guy, it was easier to do it this way. Plus, with 4 rentals we're getting our ringbearer and groom's tux free... I'm not sure where your located but we used tuxedo junction. We went there for Fiances prom tuxes too and we love the associates they are really helpful! GL
  • I want to go with suits for the FI's side and he can decide what color and style he wants. I have set aside pics of several suits for him and also his party. I think that he may like what I found. (heeheehee) sublimal messages
  • suits.  looking at the knot gallery's, i dont think a lot of people still do tuxes, except maybe for very formal night weddings.
  • we bought a custom suit from www.makeyourownjeans.com; we opted for a black lined linen suit for $99, but I think it only worked out so well because I was able to get appropriate measurements based on a suit that fit him so well.  He ordered it and had it shipped to our door within about 2 weeks and it's PERFECT.
  • We are doing suits instead of tuxes for an outdoor wedding in April. We lucked out and found khacki colored suits on sale at JCPenney last week, only $110! Thats less than a tux rental, so we just decided to have the guys buy them instead. I think you could do a light colored suit even though it is fall, and it definitely looks more casual! Check department stores for sure! Good luck!
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