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We need an update!! I have been stalking you. ;)

Re: Meg

  • I think shes away on her honeymoon. :o)
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  • Hi! We just got back from our honeymoon about an hour ago! It was fun and somehow the hotel screwed up and only billed us for 1 night instead of 3! They told us "Happy Honeymoon". Anyway we bought the pregnancy test Sat night after dinner and a movie and when we got the hotel I took it. Anthony made me take 2 because he wanted a "second opinion". Both tests came back negative. We were both upset, I think Anthony a little more than me. We both agreed it is for the best though because I don't have insurance and we are still working on getting in a better place money wise. Also we want to make sure the anti depressants I was on for a year are completely out of my system as the one could cause cleft pallet. We are hoping to purposely try starting in October!!!! Thanks for asking!
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