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Missouri-St Louis

City Museum

City museum is my fiance's favorite place to go so im just curious to know if any one has ever been to a reception there or has any information on prices and whats included in the rental fee

Re: City Museum

  • MrsKubes13MrsKubes13 member
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    They have all of the info for wedding rental on their website at:


    It's such a neat place. It's where my FI and I want to have our engagement pics done. Good Luck!
  • redhead1216redhead1216 member
    edited December 2011
    We just went to a Windows Off Washington wedding there a few weeks ago.  It was really nice.  If you have the ceremony there, make sure you account for the setting sun, we could barely look up at the couple because the sun was so bright.  Also the bar was open before dinner was served, closed during dinner, and then open again after dinner.  It was a little strange.  

    Other than that, views were beautiful and it was fun!

    Good luck!  
  • kkretchmarkkretchmar member
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    I went to a wedding and a reception there.  It was so hot in the wedding area, people, including myself were using the programs as fans during the wedding and it was the 3rd week of April.  The food was really good!
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    that is where we are having our ceremony and reception. You can find all the information at http://www.wowbanquets.com/wedding-packages.html.

    We are getting married on a Friday, which they offer discounts on the reception food and drink and on the room rental fee. Keep in mind, the 8th floor in the Windows On Washington building and the North Room in the Windows Off Washington building(the one connected to the City Museum but has no affiliation to), are the "better" rooms so their fee is higher.

    I am getting the Buffet House for my wedding and we chose the North Room. We are paying $1250 for the room rental, otherwise it would be $850. Our food and drink and gratuities per person is $38.52. But we are doing a Friday wedding. If you got the Buffet House on a Saturday in the North Room, the room rental is $1500 and the per person cost of food, drink and gratuities is $45.43.

    I think I do still have the prices for all the other packages somewhere if you need anymore specifics. Just e-mail me and I'll get back to you.

    [email protected]

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    ^^ Wedings at the actual City Museum are different than at WOW.  We're looking into the architecture room.  There aren't any packages - you just have to use one of their preferred caterers.

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    We're getting married at the City Museum on Sept.3 this year & having our reception at Windows Off Washington. I am trying to get ideas for how to set up the ceremony site in the Vault Room at the museum. Does anyone have any photos from the weddings they have been to?

    Thank You!

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