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Can you ladies share some of your playlists with me? I am working on mine and I want to have a nice variety! TIA!!!

Re: *Music*

  • I am currently working on mine. It's not done yet (I'm only on hour 1.5 out of 5!). But so far we have some Frank Sinatra, Apocolyptica, Avenged Sevenfold, Instrumental Metallica (J loves metal), Dee Lite, Estelle, Fugees, Jack Johnson, Incubus, Outkast, Bob Marley, Ben Folds, etc. It's a huge spectrum. I wish I was done already!

  • lol, that's almost our playlist exactly! Except we added Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Just Surrender.
  • Our first dance is actually to Avenged Sevenfold's Warmness on the Soul
  • Thanks guys! I don't have any of that stuff on mine so far ;)
  • So... SPILL IT :P What do you have on yours? I just added some Country (but not on my accord - J loves the stuff. I, for one, can't stand it).

  • I have some Dashboard Confessional, Gym Class Hereos, Britney LOL, Rascal Flatt, Taylor Swift, T.I., lady gaga, Shop boyz....a bunch of just random songs that I downloaded (mostly pop type music).... Mine is on my zune- I wish I could just C&P the whole thing lol :)  
  • We have a crazy mixture of tunes. HIM, Billy Talent, The Cars, Lady Gaga, AlexisonFire, 69eyes, Alice Cooper, just some random dancey techno, some newfie music...more to come.
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