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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

Merry Newlywed Christmas!

Anybody else giddy at the thought of their first Christmas as a Mrs? Starting new traditions? My husband and I are dragging a mattress into the living room and camping out in front of the tree so we can leave the lights on!

Re: Merry Newlywed Christmas!

  • Awww thats cute! Yeah I'm super excited for our first christmas as husband and wife, my face lit up even hanging out wedding ornaments on the tree!
  • I can't wait till our first married Christmas next year! Hope everyone had a great Christmas.
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  • Aw that sounds awesome. I wish our bed was smaller (or our living room bigger) because that's totally something we would do! Hope you had a great first Christmas!
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  • We were both totally cheesy and giddy at our first Christmas as husband and wife.  We're keeping the cards we gave each other, he kept calling me Mrs. Married Lastname all day and I signed all of his gift tags "Your loving WIFE, Mrs. Lastname or The Old Ball and Chain (just kidding!)".  :) 
  • I hope we all stay this cheesy and cute and lovey dovey forever!
  • I love it! I sent out our christmas cards with a picture of us from the wedding with the caption "MARRY Christmas! love the our-lastname-s" :) hehehe
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