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Well..... I don't know what to say. FI just got laid off. I'm so upset right now i can't even fathom on what to do next.


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    I'm sorry!  *E-hug*
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    I'm so sorry. Sending comforting vibes your way.
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    :( So sorry
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    Ugghhhhh, it must be the day for that, I had to lay off two people today. I'm really sorry for you and your FI. File unemployment tomorrow so at least you can get some money soon.
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    oh no! vibes to you. tell him to get out there soon and start looking. there are jobs out there, they're just harder to find.
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    That sucks! I'm so sorry.
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    I'm so sorry :(.  I don't know what to say either, but I hope he's able to find another job soon.  I agree with the pp about unemployment.  Make sure he does that ASAP!
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    Sorry to hear ***HUGS*** Hopefully, this will be an opportunity for him to find something better.
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    Well, Unemployment was the first thing I asked him to do when I got home. Made sure we got that done right away. We started scouring jobsites, want ads, and craigslists. Filled out several apps, and sent several resumes. So fingers crossed.What's funny is FI had a job interview on monday w/ a company he was looking into, so here's hoping they want him and give him a call soon. I have a feeling that this company got wind of the job interview and canned him since he was looking.Thanks for all the hugs and vibes, they are much appreciated and very needed atm. Thanks.
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    Im sorry to hear that dear. :( Dont you DARE push back the wedding again!!
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