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I know 99% of my vendors got great reviews but I had to do it! They were all so amazing and awesome and made my life so much easier! I wish I could do it all over again! If anyone wants to anything else or see pictures just let me know! Happy Planning!     St Thomas Chapel: A+ The Chapel is the perfect place if you want the ultimate Cape Cod wedding. Monsignor Perry is so nice and laid back and everything went smoothly. The ladies that run the rehearsal are hardcore but do a good job and are very nice as well. The woman I spoke to on the phone tried to have me rethink having my 2.5 year old nephew as the ring bearer but I stuck with it and it was fine, no tantrums (from either one) :)   The Flying Bridge: A+  Not one bad thing to say. They did everything we asked for and it was 100% perfect. I did have my cousin go in before the guests to make sure the candy buffet, personalized napkins, matches were set up exactly the way I wanted but that’s only because I gave her explicit instructions that I didn’t give FB. Tyler (manager) and Darlene (wedding coordinator) were awesome and made it so easy! And did I mention the food was amazing? We did the Gold Reception and it was a huge hit!   DJ Danny Walsh: A He was great. SO friendly and easy to get along with. There were some songs I had requested he play that he didn’t get to, and some announcements I wanted but at looking back, it was totally fine! It’s clear why he gets such good reviews! The dance floor was packed all night long!   Kristen Dawn Photography: A+++++ She is totally awesome and so is her sister Jocelyn who shoots with her (their parents are Frank & Helen Coombs from You Ought to be in Pictures on the Cape)! The girls are so not in your face and just make you feel at ease. They got so many amazing pictures that it’s hard to pick my favorites! I had some pictures I wanted to get, but that was my own fault, I forgot to tell them!   Casual Gourmet: A+ The Flying Bridge has a contract with the Casual Gourmet so your cake has to come from there but that was fine, my made job less stressful! The woman Sarah I dealt with was super nice and let me add some extra touches to my cake! It was gorgeous and tasted yummy! People have told me how beautiful the cake was.   Roche Brothers: C I went to the Roche Brothers in Mashpee for flowers. If you would like more information please send me your email and I will discuss further.   Candy Buffet: A+ I picked up jars at Target, Michaels, and the candy was from BJ’s!  Everyone LOVED it! I ordered old fashioned white penny candy bags from Blair Candy Company. They were inexpensive and perfect. I think I got 500 for $14.00. Can’t beat that!   Vistaprint: A+++ I used them for SO many things – photo upload cards, next day brunch postcards, save the dates, stickers for candy bags. Definitely worth it to use them since just about everything is free!   Jean M: A+ I ordered personalized napkins and matches and they came out just as I had wanted/expected! I think I ordered 200 napkins and 100 matches, we definitely have leftovers but I’m ok with that!     Danielle: A+ My hairdresser in Pembroke drove to us and she was fabulous as always! That’s why I wanted her to do it the day of!   Marge: A+ A reference from one of my bridesmaids. She also drove to the Cape just for us and it was perfect. Let me know if you want her information.   Aria: A+ The bridesmaids got there dresses from here! The looked gorgeous! I chose a navy dress with a turquoise sash and let the girls choose from 11 different styles! The dresses do come in petite which was great for my girls! I called a few weeks before the wedding and ordered one more sash so my flowers could have it added to their dresses and it couldn’t have gone any smoother! Highly recommend! I let the girls pick any silver shoe they wanted!   Lillian’s Fashion & Bridal: A+ My dress came from here and again nothing bad to say! Karen is the owner works with you is sooooooo sweet and honest and so on top of everything! She couldn’t have been anymore of a help!   David’s Bridal: A+ I know so many people have horror stories about David’s Bridal but here’s my .02. My mother and I went there and were looking for flower girl dresses in Natick. Well we found one she liked! There was a crazy long line as it was a Saturday and we didn’t have an appointment. One of the floor girls totally helped us, put us on the list for a dressing room. Within 20 minutes mom tried on the dress, we bought it and it was so perfect for her! Easier than I would have expected!   Falmouth Heights Motor Lodge: A+ Maureen, the owner, was a gem! She is so nice and accommodating. They gave out my OOT bags free of charge. I was hesitant to use the hotel the first time I saw it but after her giving us a tour of the entire grounds and each kind of room, we went with them. DH and I have been staying there off season and on season and love it.   Domenic’s Tuxedo: A+ The tan suits came from here! They were so helpful and the guys looked amazing! Mom freaked out a bit that I wasn’t having the boys wear tuxes, but just the other day I asked her if she even noticed if it looked bad the day of the wedding and she said it didn’t even cross her mind! They looked awesome with everything else! Domenic and his son were so helpful and answered all our questions and all the suits were perfect! They even let ordered two ties for me to choose from to rent for my 2.5 year old nephew without having to renting a suit!   Bagpiper: A+++ Well first he is my cousin, but aside from that he played while we walked out of the Chapel. It was a surprise for my fiance, him and the guests loved it! He actually stayed in his kilt all day and was the big hit!   Organist: A+ My friend’s husband has played so many weddings it only seemed fitting to play at ours! Plus we love him :)     House Rental: A+++++++++++++ My parents rented a house in Falmouth for 2 weeks from and it was so awesome! The house was gorgeous and perfect as home base all week! We hope to rent it every year going forward! The owners are so nice!   Travel Agent: A+ I had never used a travel agent before. I always would just book a trip through but figured our honeymoon needed more attention. I dealt with Robert and his wife Haylee and they were there every minute of every day anytime I had a question! I researched so many places; I probably confused them so much! They have been everywhere and now so much about each place! Robert would email me back from his wife’s Blackberry if he couldn’t get to a laptop! They were awesome! I would definitely book another trip through them. It didn’t cost me anything!     Excellence Playa Mujeres: A+ 3 words - heaven on earth! This place is exactly as it looks online! There was not a thing wrong (except it down poured for almost 2 days straight but no control over that!)! Perfect, absolutely perfect! We are thinking about trying another Excellence!     LandFall Restaurant: A- This was the perfect place to have the rehearsal dinner based on location and feel!! I did however encounter a problem the moment I got there. When we booked it they told us we would have a separate area, however upon arrival we were in the middle of the room surrounded by other dining guests. I immediately spoke to the manager and she told me that was because our numbers of guests were lower than we first anticipated. I explicitly explained that had I known that I could have been given the opportunity to pay for the extra people we didn’t have so we could have our own area. They quickly came to a resolution and it was fine from then on.   Falmouth Fashion Nails: A+ I got this recommendation from another knottie! They were totally accommodating to 7 of us and let us bring in food and beverages while we got mani’’s and pedi’s!  

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    So happy you had such a great experience with Kristen Dawn---We used her for our Epics and are using her for our wedding in September.  I may use your nail recommendation---not sure where I'm going yet for mine.
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    Congrats on being married! Your reviews are very helpful....I was thinking of getting my flowers from Roche Bros in Mashpee so would love to know your feedback. My email is [email protected]!
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    Hello! Your reviews were great and very helpful. Thank you for posting. I am considering booking our wedding at The Flying Bridge and have a few questions if you don't mind emailing - [email protected] Thank you again!!
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    Hello! Thanks for the reviews.I too am looking to use Roche Bros for flowers can you email me [email protected] to let me know what happened.Also go any pics of the old fashion bags you used for the candy buffet?thanks :)
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