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Invites for the int'l relatives

I'm SO excited. Yesterday I finished putting together the first 10 invites that will be for my relatives in Ecuador, who'll need to present them to the consulate for their travel visas. I'm an idiot, though, and was in such a hurry to get to the hair salon that I gave them all to my mother without taking a single photo. But I'll be having dinner there this week and for sure will be taking pictures for posting. I love my invites, and I love that I have the flexibility to change the wording as I see fit. For example, to prove they are relatives, I had to put my parents names in the invites for them (in our "real" invites, it's just "together with our parents') - easy as pie. I'll be saying many many prayers that the relatives get their visas. It's so hard to do for some and for no reason at all, sometimes. Fingers crossed!

Re: Invites for the int'l relatives

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    I hope your relatives get their visas. Unfortunately a few of my family members couldn't get theirs on time but I hope you don't have to worry about that. Good Luck!

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    Thanks Dora. If at least half of them get it, I'll be thrilled.
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    I know how that is, at least in our case all the ones that applied were given visas, including my dad that went with the invite.
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    Hey I was Wondering how much ahead does someone have to apply for a visa?Im getting married on oct. 10th 2009 & Me and the Fiance wanted his mom to attend the wedding but she lives in mexico.
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    chris, it depends entirely on the country they are citizens of, and the country they are going to visit. In Ecuador you can apply every six months if the mood strikes you and you keep getting denied (some days the visa guys are in a good mood and will accept your bribe, some days they got stuck in traffic and their eggs were runny and they hate life and DENIED). Check with the consulate in your state/nearest major city. Many times as a citizen you can petition for someone to come over, but it's tough with the strict immigration laws between here and much of Latin America. GL!
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