Anybody NOT use Limos?

I just called around a few limo places to get some price quotes..WOOF.I really am not big on spending 1000.00 just for a measly 10  minute drive.I just need some ideas on how is your bridal party being transported, parents..etc..?TIA!

Re: Anybody NOT use Limos?

  • If you don't use a limo, it's not a real wedding.
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  • Have you looked into a party bus?  I have no idea if they cost as much.....
  • We didn't use any.  I think it's a waste honestly.My mom drove herself, me, and my BMs to the venue in her SUV.  The guys carpooled themselves.  My brother (an Usher) picked up my step-dad.  My mom drove my H and I to our hotel at the end of the night since she stayed to help us load up all of our stuff anyway.  It worked out great for us.
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  • Lol I guess mines wont be real then.
  • We took a houseboat, so I suppose THAT isn't very helpful.
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  • Do you have a car?  Your parents?  Your bridal party?  Yes?  Valid licenses?  good.  Problem solved.

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  • We ended up using a party bus, it just transported all of the wedding party and us from ceremony to pictures to reception.  We had to shop around A LOT, but finally found a really reasonable price. It wasn't a pimped out bus with tvs and crap, but we had a good time :)
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  • I didn't.Our families and bridal party drove themselves.Because my dress didn't have a lot of poof (no tulle or crinny), I managed to fit into our own car to drive to the photo site. Later, a friend of ours drove me and my 2 BMs to the ceremony, and then me and hubby to the reception. He's very proud of his car and appreciated the chance to show it off. :)
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  • We are but only becuase it's in our package. But I wanted to write a craigslist ad to someone with a nice (old) car. Offer them a few bucks to drive you.Just a thought...  
  • People are just driving their own cars. I don't get what the fascination is with limos for weddings.
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  • Everyone drove to our wedding too.  I rode with my mom.  I couldn't justify the money either, especially when the transportation companies around here get horrible reviews.
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  • i called the taxi company!  we ended up with a couple of nice new cars, so that was a bonus!  but we were only going 10 blocks! didn't cost us more than $50 for everyone going both to the wedding and then back to the hotel afterwards.
  • We know a person that works at a local dealership and they are letting us use a couple brand new SUVs for the weekend and then my fiance and I are trying to rent a hummer for the weekend as well.   It's his dream car so it would make it special for him too.
  • Yeah, my grandmom INSIST that we MUST have limos! I really don't care, I just would like the least amount of confusion in whose driving who, where to meet, what time..all that jazz.
  • We didn't... my uncle drove me in our crappy old winter beater, and FI drove down with my dad in his car. It was all very unluxurious, but to be honest 1) noone knew how we arrived given the way our venue was, and 2) it really doesn't matter in the overall scheme. If it won't dampen your day, don't waste your money.
  • I was pretty anti-limo, but it turns out that our ceremony site may only be able to guarantee us two parking spaces (in a beach town where parking is rough on the street) so we may be going from having no transportation to trying to transport all of our guests from the reception site to the ceremony and back. We are considering just using yellow school buses.FI is suddenly all into the limo idea, though. Boys and cars, sigh.
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    We used trolleys.  For us it was worth the cost.  Our guests like to party.  For us it was the responisible way they can have a good time and not worry about driving back.  But having your WP drive themselves it not the end of the world.

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  • My brother is driving Dad and me to the Church in Mom's Caddy :) The reception is at the Church so, we don't need transportation until later and I think a local knottie is going to drive us in her cool car for a few bucks. Bridal party can all make their own arrangements.
  • I only had a MOH and DH had a best man so the two of us took a car from the church to the reception and bridal party members just drove with their spouses.
  • We all drove/carpooled to the hotel, my mom drove me and the BMs to the wedding, (I actually don't know how the GMs got there, but they did), bus took us to pictures and reception, our package came with a "getaway car" to take us to the hotel, and everyone took cabs or rode with someone else after the reception because no one went straight back to the hotel, they wanted to go out afterward. Basically what I'm saying is the only thing we used it for (and we wouldn't have if we didn't find such a good deal) was pictures and to reception.  It could have easily been done in multiple cars instead, but we were all drinking and I didn't want anyone to have to drive everywhere. Our whole package was about $500, including the get away car.
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  • wow, you sent your invites early.
  • We are using a bus. I'm not sure when/how we'll leave the wedding yet, though. We are not staying at the same hotel as OOT guests. I have a sneaking suspicion FI wants to use his vintage scooter. That'll be a big Hell to the NO.
  • We are having a stretch hummer for ours and frankly, it was one of the most important things for us! Backstory - I was in my cousin's wedding a couple of summers ago. It was the most unorganized awful wedding I have ever been too/in. It was in a really small town in the middle of the Country. After the ceremony, everyone was out side of the church. I went to the bathroom (which was in another building). I came back and almost everyone had left! Literally me and billy bob with a coon tail and gun rack on the back of his '83 pickup. Wedding party, bride, groom, parents, family, GONE. I drove to the high school gym (reception) with billy bob, whom I did not know. I know that story had nothing to do with your original question! It's great that you are organizing how WP gets from church to reception. My cousin forgot that small detail! With that being said, we got a great deal on the hummer. Sunday wedding, bridal show discound and military discount equalled out to just over $500 for 2 hours.
  • Yeah, my grandmom INSIST that we MUST have limos!Oh that's nice .. that means Grandmom pays! ha! We weren't going to do limo's either because I thought it was a waste but my fabulous sister,who is my MOH, bought us a limo ride for our shower gift. I was all set to pull up in my Mom's mini van! ha!
  • Oh and FWIW, we're walking. $1K for a 10 minute drive is ridonkulous.
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  • wow, you sent your invites early. No I haven't sent them out yet, I "yes'd" the people who I know for sure would be there in my siggy that's all.
  • The BM drove my H and I from the ceremony to the reception in my dad's SUV.  The rest of the BP carpooled.  My mom drove my car from the ceremony to the reception and My H and I drove that home from the reception.It worked out well for us.
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  • I am staying in the hotel, which is the ceremony and reception site. My family is staying there too. (there are only 5 rooms so we rented all of them for the weekend)I am providing valet parking for those coming to ceremony/reception.No limo for us.
  • We didn't use limos either. I drove myself. My husband drove his dad and himself. My parents drove our BP, since they can't drive. His mom and stepmom drove themselves. My BIL drove my husband's car from the ceremony to the reception, so my husband and I could at least ride together.
  • We rented a cadillac and had a GM drive us around.  Our wp drove themselves.  Most of them got together and car pooled.  We would have loved to have provided transportation, but it just wasn't in the budget and everyone was more then understanding.
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