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  • If the formality of the gown matches both the wedding and the reception, wear it to both.  My floor-length lace gown is perfect for my formal evening wedding, not so much for my uber-casual beach party AHR, so I'm wearing something different for the latter.  If my AHR were more formal, I'd probably wear the same dress.And I'm also of the opinion that I'm not spending that much money on an item that's going to be worn for four hours and then live in a box in my closet for the rest of my life.  Some people want the dress as a keepsake, but if you don't, then great.
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    Sometimes I feel like people think that brides are delicate little flower princesses who get all dressed up and pretty for one special moment of their dreams, when really they're just normal people who just happen to be getting married. Things shouldn't have to be sugar-coated for grown-ass women. -mstar284
  • A reception is held right after the ceremony to thank your guests A reception is also to celebrate with your guests.  We don't know the reasons for the OP's DW, and while you don't agree with them, it may be a situation like E's, where some people would have to travel far no matter what.  I don't think you should exclude people who want to celebrate with you and support you because they can't afford to travel.
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  • It is just a party. It's not a reception. I know I called it a AHR, but that's only because that's was people who have them call them.  How fuucking ignorant are you?  It isn't just a party, it is a wedding reception.  There are elements that should be left out as stated before but this is a wedding celebration.  It isn't just a party like hey, come over, we are doing a kegger(unless that is the DW you want). 
  • no it is not budget weddings, but people continually get onto to others for spending too much on this or that (monogrammed napkins etc...)  I dont particularly see the difference between that and purchasing a brand new dress for each and every event pertaining to the wedding.I also don't get the hate of AHR.  I totally get personal choice, but I don't see what is so uncouth about throwing a party in celebration.   I was born. I have bday parties where people give me gifts.  NONE of those people were actually at my birth.I get that weddings are different.  However, some people are more private and do not feel comfortable standing up and saying vows infront of a large group of people.  If those people want to throw a party to celebrate what they did and call it a reception, it is just that.  Receiveing joy pertaining to what you did before.  Whether it was right before in the same building or months before on another continent.IMO.
  • monogrammed napkins It's not that people here are against spending money on things.  If you saw a post a week or so ago, you'd see most of us bought "frivolous" items for our weddings.  The point people are trying to make is that it's not necessary, as so many wedding magazines try to make it out to be.Also, I agree with Pink Superhero.  If I were going to a reception, I'd like the bride to look somewhat bride-like.
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  • Well with that- It is not necessary to wear a different dress to an AHR. 
  • Also, I agree with Pink Superhero. If I were going to a reception, I'd like the bride to look somewhat bride-like.See, and I just get the impression that they can't let their wedding day go.and oxnery, Just because something isn't "necessary" doesn't mean people won't or shouldn't do it.  You just shouldn't go into massive amounts of debt for it.  And what one person thinks is necessary, isn't someone else's necessity.For real, to get married, you need 2 people, a couple witnesses, an officiant and a marriage license. 

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  • Why should someone let their wedding day go?  If a bride was having a party every week to re-wear the dress and re-live the vows, that would be one thing.  Picking one day to invite everyone who couldn't come/ wasn't invited to a ceremony to party down, eat free food, and drink free booze is hardly not letting it go. 
  • Because, you really do just get one wedding day.

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  • I think it should be like the Survivor Reunion Show.  Bride and Groom all dressed up on the beach. Tiki torches and Jeff's there.  And then the camera follows you out to the helicopter and they film you flying away, and over the reception site, and then POOF you are there in your wedding dress with the Groom holding your hand and everyone claps and then I win a million dollars. Yup.  That sounds perfect. 
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  • But a party wearing a white dress does not a wedding day make.   It makes a party.  Celebrating your wedding day.  That happened before.   Not trying to pick a fight-I just think to each his own and AHR may not be right for you or your family and friends but it is right for others.   And if it is, wear the dam* dress if you want!
  • And I've said on here many times in the past that I think having a DW and an AHR are AW'ish. Make a decision and stick with it already.

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  • I'd definitely wear the dress again. Hell if I could find an appropriate place to wear it, I'd wear my wedding dress again NOW. If you have a beautiful wedding dress and people are gathering to celebrate your wedding with you, the two seem to naturally go together. I've only once attended an AHR (and it was extremely casual), but for something larger and more formal, I'd love to see the bride in her dress.
  • well i do not know what AW means.  It is not on the acronym list. And I have made my decision and stuck with it.  Wear the dress if she wants.
  • We are having a DW. We are having a party when we get back to celebrate with those who can't come to the DW. I'm not wearing my wedding dress; I will probably just wear a cute sundress or something.
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  • Make a decision and stick with it already.Was actually meant to refer to the wedding.  Make a decision about your wedding and stick with it instead of having multiple parties.

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  • well moose we must agree to disagree.And what does AW mean...
  • Attention hoar.

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  • ah.   That should be added to the official knot list.
  • It probably isn't because the actual spelling is  ***'d out around here :)

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  • I feel like I wrote whore the other day and it didn't get bleeped. Maybe I just typed it someplace else. God knows I love to whore the word whore around.
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  • HA! It worked!
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  • Usually when I write whore it gets blocked. 
  • Huh.  Who knew.

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  • A reception is simply a party that "receives" the newly married couple into society. If society was unavailable on the day you got married, you can still be "received" into society later.
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