Bridal Show

Anyone going to the Bridal Show 8/28 at Bridgewater Club in Carmel?  Anyone have or know how to get passes?  It's $25 to get in, but hear it should be pretty nice!!  food, wine, and prizes!!!

Re: Bridal Show

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    edited December 2011
    I might decide to go, since I just received an email from Circle City Planners that will allow me to go for free. I can forward it to you if you want. Maybe that will allow you to go also. Give me your email if you want it.
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    edited December 2011
    Yes I'm going. I got the same circle city email and signed up for free. You can usually go to Perfect Wedding Guide and in the payment amount put all zeros and it will let you bypass the fee and get a free ticket online. It sounds very high end from the other shows this year.
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