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ceremony music choices

For some reason, we were very limited with our choices for the procession and recession. For me walking in we can only choose between the typical here comes the bride song with or without a trumpet. And for exiting, the traditional bridal chorus (i think that's what it's called?) and the choice is with or without a trumpet.I would have liked to walk in to Canon in D Major but they said only my bridal party can walk into that (it was that song and one other one to choose from for them).Is anyone else very limited with their choices?

Re: ceremony music choices

  • Calypso1977Calypso1977 member
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    interesting that the choices you are limited to are not often allowed (bridal march).
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    Are you musicians from the church? If not, you can always be a little bad and play canon in D for you. I don't think the priest or coordinator is going to jump up and yell for them to stop. My church didn't allow flower petals to be dropped, but they say it happens all the time and that there isn't anything they can do, they just make sure it's cleaned up afterwards. (For the record I did not go against the church wishes)
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  • TruchanaTruchana member
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    I second calypso, that is very strange.  The songs they are willing to play are the very ones banned from my church!  They is a limit as far no secular music but my church is pretty liberal.  We are allowed to play pretty anything we want in the prelude.
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    This is a Catholic church, right? That actually kinda makes me mad. there are so many beautiful music choices you should be able to use. The fact that they're relegating you to those awful tunes is a crime! I would fight that, definitely. I'm pretty sure they don't have a right to limit your choices so drastically.
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    Oh, and to answer your question, yes I was limited....I was forbidden to use all of the songs you mentioned!
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    My priest hasn't said anything, but the packet says that secular songs should be reserved for the reception. The bridal party is coming in to Canon in D, I am coming in to Trumpet Voluntary, and we are exiting to the Wedding March. I also wanted to come in to Canon in D, but my mom said she's isn't paying for a trumpt for me not to come in to Trumpet Voluntary.
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