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statement of intent

have you guys heard of doing a statement of intent at your wedding? or are you doing one?it is different than the vows.i tried googling it to get some ideas for what to use but i cant find much! anybody know where to look?TIA ladies!

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    This is the declaration of intent used in my wedding ceremony:_____ /_____ will you take this woman to be your wife/man to be your husband? To live together according to the best ethical principles? Will you promise to affirm her/him, and care for her/him during times of joy and hardship? Will you love her/him, comfort her/him in pain and in sorrow? Will you commit yourself to sharing your feelings of happiness and sadness? Will you share joy with her/him when she/he is happy and respect her/his dignity as a woman/man, from this day forward? Do you pledge to remain faithful to her/him? Response: I will. It looks funky with all the he/she, her/him, woman/man stuff in there, but you get the idea.
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    Yep, this was part of the traditional Methodist ceremony provided by our pastor.  It was very similar to what is posted above.  DH and I simply responded with "I will".  Then the vows came later...I have always heard it done this way
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    We are doing one, and our officiant is writing it for us. It's beautiful, but I don't have a draft. When I get one, I'll share it with you. She has one listed at under Sample Ceremony.
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