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Today's Topic: Driving you nuts

Considering it is a holiday weekend, I didn't think ya'll would be around much. So I skipped yesterday's topic. My bad!What's one thing regarding your wedding that is driving you absolutely nuts? Is it a minute detail or dealing with a vendor? Place your complaints here!

Re: Today's Topic: Driving you nuts

  • My mom is driving me nuts.  Of course, if it wasn't about the wedding, it would be about something else anyway.I'm also going crazy from people acting like my marriage is doomed if I don't follow old superstitions.  If one more person asks me what I'm wearing blue, I'm going to smack a biitch.
  • Right now I am being driven nuts by my sister's boss who won't give her the time off to come to the wedding. She lives in Newfoundland and will need at least a week off to make the trip worth while. Like come on, if it was her sister or child you can bet your sweet bippy she'd be taking time off.
  • Right now, the only thing driving me absolutely ape sh!t is people not replying to the rsvps. Half of them replied already and I'm thinking the other half is waiting till the last minute. Come on, people. 17 days left to get those suckers in and you gotta wait till the last minute? I'm dying here!

  • All of the loose ends flapping in the wind! The fact that I slept in too late this weekend, so didn't accomplish everything that I wanted to. (Although I had fun and got most things finished.) And my FI dawdling on what I ask him to do. I keep telling him that I don't like nagging any more than he likes being nagged! LOL! Ok, I feel better. Thank you. =-D
  • Scoetto- You can always call them to see if the're coming. That way you have one more thing to check off your list and not worry about. I am having a hard time trying to find enough space in our garden wedding. The outdoor space is narrow (but oh so beautiful!) and we can't have the rental place put up a huge tent where the ailse is going to be. We'll have to set up chairs and an arbor and then move the chairs into a reception room where the tables will already be set up. Then we have to set up a tent or easy-ups (or just carry them from a different spot in the garden) and possibly move a dance floor in. Also the reception room is a beautiful wood and glass room, but is sort of rustic looking so I need to add huge drapes of fabric to dress it up. I can't afford to rent the drapes, and I don't know where to get that much fabric. I'm sure it will work out but HOW?
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