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I am trying to make my programs but I can't come up with wording I like since there are two brides and not a bride and a groom. Can you tell me what it says on your programs? Thanks

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    The cover of ours says, "The marriage celebration of NotFroofy and 2dBride."  The first page, with the wedding party, just starts off with our two names.  (We figure that if you're close enough to us to be coming to our wedding, you know we're the brides.)Our attendants are for both of us, and are not assigned to one or the other.  However, if they were, I'd just list them as "NotFroofy's attendants" and "2dBride's attendants."Are there particular things you are trying to say that you're having trouble wording?
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    I think you can do to brides i am planning on doing groom and groom. Do it how ever makes you feel comforable.
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    tazman I think you answered my question... I didn't know if there was better wording on brides parents so you know who parents are who. 
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    For people who were specific to one of us, we just put our names before their titles (e.g. "Sylvia's mother," "Christine's brother").
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