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I 'm engaged! I'm so happy!

After nearly 8 years of dating I can finally say I’m engaged! Here’s the story!

Last month, when my fiancé Russell, moved home after a year in Arizona (I remained in LA) for work, I knew a proposal was imminent!

Since I knew it was coming he had to work hard to try and surprise and boy did he!

We are both huge animal lovers, as is his family, and as members of the Los Angeles Zoo every year we do a “Behind the Scenes” tour of the gorilla enclosure along with a private tour with the zoo curator. This is usually his Mom’s special day because she loves the gorillas so I definitely didn’t think it would be interrupted with a proposal.

As we were driving around in a zebra themed golf cart, the curator said “You guys have to see the new baby goat, it’s adorable!” As we approached the goats, I don’t see a baby anywhere but then Russell starts pointing and yelling “There it is, but it’s a different kind of goat!” Confused, I lean over the railing to get a look but I don’t see anything.  When I turn back around, there’s Russell holding a ring box with his Great Grandfather’s diamond encrusted goat ring**!  It finally all made sense! The next minute was a blur, all I remember is screaming “Yes, of course!” and then, after realizing his parents had been videotaping the whole thing I yelled “and you got it on video!”

That day I declared the goat as my new favorite animal at the zoo!

**The ring had been Russell’s Great Grandfather’s tie pin that he had made into a ring for Russell’s Grandma when she was a little girl. His Grandma then passed it on to his mom and now it’s mine!

Russell said he wanted to propose with something meaningful and that together, we will pick out a traditional ring, and so the hunt begins!


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