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Skipping garter/bouqet toss

Is anyone skipping anything at the reception? We went to a wedding last weekend and they didnt do the garter/bouquet toss...and i thought it saved a lot of time. Is anyone skipping something to save time ?

Re: Skipping garter/bouqet toss

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    I am not doing a garter/bouquet toss. Not doing it to save time. Just never liked it. Plus will both be 30 when we get married and I think it is super rude & embarassing to point out our 3 friends who are still single.
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  • WLevine75WLevine75 member
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    I am skipping bouqet and garter toss too.
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  • Bean32Bean32 member
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    We skipped the bouquet and garter toss. Most of our friends are dating someone or married, so, like Jely, we didn't want to give unwanted attention to the few single people there. I went to a wedding last summer where there were like 5 guys and 5 girls involved in each and it just looked dumb without much buy-in.
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    I skipped both. It's silly and ridiculous IMO.
  • Cackle6Cackle6 member
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    I'm letting him decide if he wants to do the garter toss, but I want to do the bouquet toss because I love it! There was never a day when I was single that I was embarrassed about it, and most of my friends who are single are happy confident people who wouldn't be embarrassed by being "singled out." Again, maybe it's a Midwest thing, but we love us some girls fighting over a bouquet! I know I sure had fun trying to catch them - and did actually catch it at the last wedding I was at! :-P

    Plus I have a lot of teenage/early 20's cousins who have alrighty started fighting over who's going to get the bouquet. :-P

    However, we will be skipping the dollar dance, and any other silly dances (YMCA, chicken dance, etc) to save time. We also won't be doing a recieving line, but rather talking to the guests at the wedding. I think a recieving line is a HUGE waste of time, IMO. As a wedding guest I've never liked them, they're so awkward and you have to stand in line forever. Just talk to me at the reception, I'm perfectly fine with that. :)
  • neongreenboxneongreenbox member
    edited December 2011
    skip it! I you don't mind using a few minutes - I love seeing an anniversary dance and giving a bouquet to the couple that has been together the longest.
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    Thanks for everyones feed back ! : )
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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_pennsylvania-philadelphia_skipping-garterbouqet-toss?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local Wedding BoardsForum:105Discussion:e57d3533-f2da-47dc-8a02-68c4a111b4e4Post:4984d2be-299d-400f-82e7-10b9700a79ac">Re: Skipping garter/bouqet toss</a>:
    [QUOTE]skip it! I you don't mind using a few minutes - I love seeing an anniversary dance and giving a bouquet to the couple that has been together the longest.
    Posted by neongreenbox[/QUOTE]

    I did this. My aunt and uncle were so surprised :)
  • Amerbutt81Amerbutt81 member
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    edited December 2011
    We skipped it at my wedding-- I was completely creeped out by the orgins of the garter toss, and I really did not need my 90-year-old grandmother watching him dig up my skirt.  No.  Thank you.  We did think about do the bouquet toss for anyone (married or single) but ultimately decided against it.

    Anyway we did the anniversary dance instead.  It was great because it came down to two couples who were both married 50 years-- and just months apart!  It warmed my heart to see two couples still together that long <3
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  • gmcr78gmcr78 member
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    We're skipping because I hate them, FI doesn't care, and I don't think many people particularly enjoy them.
  • jessa1228jessa1228 member
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    edited December 2011
    Definitely skipping the garter toss, not sure yet about the bouqet toss. After reading PPs though, I'm seriously considering the anniversary dance. I've only just recently heard about it but it seems like such a cute idea!
  • LizandDinoLizandDino member
    edited December 2011
    We have decided to skip the bouquet/garter toss as well. We choose this because 1) we just dont like it and 2) I want to keep the dancing flowing through the night. I just hate when you're really getting into the music and fun then all of a sudden you have to clear the floor to toss stuff. 
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