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Music at your reception?

Hey Ladies! I was wondering what music you guys were thinking of playing at your reception(s)? I am totally against any rap, top 40, and pretty much typical fare you hear at EVERY SINGLE wedding >.< I have a playlist already, but was just hoping some of you could give some suggestions! Thanks!
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Re: Music at your reception?

  • well for our "first dance together" We are going with Bowling for Soup the [email protected] song and that will pretty much be setting the mood for the rest of the night...a mix of punk rock, metal, and techno.
  • We have  everything from Sinatra to Metallica. Rock, R&B, Rap, Country, Classics, you name it. Whatever we like we're playing.

  • We have a mass of techno, rock, pop and metal. We are not the ballad time by any stretch of the imagination. Some songs on our play list includes: Gone with the Sin - HIM Ballroom Blitz - Sweet Beyond the Sea - Bobby Darrin Heads will Roll - The Yeah Yeah Yeahs Gimme Sympathy - Metric Knights of Cydonia - MUSE Talk to Me - Peaches and several, several more.
  • This is Halloween - Marilyn Manson Heroes - David Bowie Walk Like a Zombie - The HorrorPops Halloween - Rob Zombie Dark Night - The Blasters Witchcraft - Frank Sinatra Poison - Alice Cooper Monsterman - Screaming Lord Sutch Spooky - The Classics IV Don't Fear The Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult Love Song - The Cure
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