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tattoos in the church

I have quite a few tattoos, 1/2 sleeve on one arm, tats on both my hands and several on the shoulders. Not to mention just about every one of my my bridesmaids has visialble tattoos. Im getting married in FL and do not plan on wearing long sleeves, but I 'll do gloves as to not piss off the church too much, that wont cover them all though. I usually have them all hanging out when I go to mass and no one says anything or gives me dirty looks, but I was wondering how much of an issue it really is with the church these days, I know its supposed to be considered a sin. Did anyone else have visable tattoos during their ceremony?

Re: tattoos in the church

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    One of my BMs has a tattoo at the base of her neck (in the back), and I asked the priest if she had to cover it. He said he didn't care if tattoos show (as long as they're not satanic or curse words or something) or if any of us wear strapless - he just asked that the overall attire be tasteful. A friend of mine has a full backpiece tattoo and wore a low-back dress to her church wedding. I would ask your priest to be sure, though.
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    A couple of my bridesmaids had some visible tatoos. Some arm and shoulder ones that were very easily seen. No one at the church mentioned anything before hand. Like pp, I think they are fine unless they are satanic or something along those lines.
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    I have one on my shoulder and I didn't cover it, but it's small.  Most of my BMs had visible ones during the ceremony and it wasn't an issue.I don't think the church really cares as long as they aren't distasteful, but it probably varies from church to church, just like the strapless thing.
  • melissahofmelissahof member
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    I think it is really up to the priest marrying you. Each priest seems to have different rules. But, I know Kat Von D (from the show LA Ink) just came out with a tattoo cover up. I believe it is available at Sephora.
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    My priest when I asked about a friends tats said that Jesus loved all sorts of people with all sorts of bodies and that he was totally ok with it.
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    I have a small tattoo that showed, and it wasn't a problem. Since you have so many, I'm sure your priest will notice them during the pre-cana process, and if it's a problem, he'll let you know. I would expect it to be fine though!
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    I've actually never heard anything about tattoo's being considered sinful in the Catholic Church. I know in Judaism that it is considered a sin to violate one's body with tattoos or piercings and it means they can not be buried in a Jewish cemetery but this is the first I'm ever hearing that in conjunction with Catholicism.  As long as you don't have naked ladies, pentagrams, or any other "satanic" images I think you'll be fine.
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    My mom is seriously theeee most religious Catholic person on planet Earth and she digs tattoos. Like everyone else said, there's no problem as long as the tattoos are not 'morally' offensive (nudity, satanism). Good luck! I think your tattoos should be worn proud.
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