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Adding Cap Sleeves to Strapless MS Dress

Hi Ladies - Does anyone have any experience with adding straps/cap sleeves to a strapless dress?  I'm wearing Melissa Sweet's Fern dress and have ordered extra lace in order to have lace cap sleeves added.  Here is a link to the dress:[url][/url]        If so, did you have your alterations done at the store where you bought the dress?  Did you take it to a recommended seamstress in your area?  Is this something that independent seamstresses do fairly often?  I'm hoping to take it somewhere (whether it be the POB store or elsewhere) where the seamstress will simply know how to implement my vision - I'm by no means an expert on exactly how it should be done :-)Thanks in advance for the help!
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Re: Adding Cap Sleeves to Strapless MS Dress

  • MerRhosyn - Did you ever end up adding the sleeves? I am in the exact same situation - contemplating buying the Fern dress and adding sleeves and would love to see a pic - have been searching and cannot find one that I like. Thanks!
  • I ended up adding english net "straps."  Tons of pictures in siggie links.  I did get extra lace and we played around with using the lace, but thought it would overwhelm all the detailing on the bodice.  I was happy with the end result but I must confess that I didn't spend a ton of time thinking about it - I went with feedback from the seamstress for the most part (went to all my alterations alone).  There wasn't a single person who realized the dress originally came strapless, so I guess they integrated fairly well.  I have also seen this link for someone that altered the dress, which includes photos.'re welcome to e-mail me at niamhaine at hotmail dot com if you'd like more details.  I did order the extra lace and english net myself and take them to the seamstress.
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