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I should not...

have taken this 8 week course instead of the 16 week course. Even though I'll be done before the wedding...which was the appeal...but there's just SO much to do and not a lot of time to do it in between working FT, dancing 11 hours a week, and now doing scene work for the musical I decided to be in...which opens the weekend after my wedding haha! Needless to say...I'm kind of stressing out :( blech.What should you not have done? in life, school, pursuit of happiness....

Re: I should not...

  • poor girl!!! crazy busy!!! I def would not have done the musical and enjoyed a HM ;) you would need it after all of that work!!!! haha
  • yeah I know....I am super crazy haha but I don't have a big part in the musical so that is helpful...I am dance captain though so I am assisting with the dance rehearsals and choreography but those happen on regular dance nights so no biggie there. David wanted to go to the mountains for our HM so I decided to go in the summer so it won't be so effing cold and we could still drive to the beach(we are going to Lake Tahoe and drive to a CA beach one day)I am feeling a little less stressed after rocking out at the Blink concert last night!!! <3
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