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Kent Country Club

Any reviews or has anyone heard anything about this place? It looks pretty nice and the prices are not that bad. Thanks!:-)

Re: Kent Country Club

  • ErinBrunErinBrun member
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    We used to have our work Christmas party here. I dont know if it was the food they picked or what but it never went over well. We'd usually have something kind of fancy that I wouldn't really put in wedding category but I suppose that completely depends on the bride and grooms taste. That's all I know.  Also, we have an office of a little under 200, everyone is allowed to bring a date and probably 60% of the office attends. It was kind of crowded for the size of our group.  My advice would be to peruse the menu to make sure there's something you like!  Oh, it is very nice and classy!
  • marcyjmarcyj member
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    I was at a fall wedding there a few years ago and everything was amazing!
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