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Louisiana-Baton Rouge

After 8 Band

I'm from New Orleans and I'm getting married in New Orelans in April. We booked After 8 (out of Baton Rouge) because all of the bands in New Orleans that I wanted were already booked!! I'm a little nervous because I've never heard After 8 play before. Someone recommended them and I just went with it. Has anyone heard them play before?? Should I keep them??? I would LOVE honest answers!!!  I have until a month before the wedding to get my deposit back. Thanks girls!!

Re: After 8 Band

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    i'm in exactly the same boat- if you look on the new orleans board there is a bride who replied to my post that she will be having after 8 for her wedding in november.good luck! let me know if you discover anything!
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    I absolutely love them (we almost booked them for our wedding but my DH is not a fan of horn bands). However, I saw them at a wedding in December and was surprised by the way they dressed! I saw them play at a bar and they were totally dressed normal. At the wedding, I guess they get "dressed up" but in bright purple, yellow and other over the top colored suits. My first thought when I saw them was - wow, who dressed that guest, that is terrible and I hope they aren't in any of the pictures.... Then I realized they were the band! hahah!Its just a minor detail - but since they will be front and center the whole reception, it was a detail I cared about. They sound amazing and are probably one of my favorite bands in the area. They are really fun and got the crowd involved at the wedding. Their price is good too! HTH
  • jamielisacjamielisac member
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    I almost booked After 8 as well.  I talked with Russ about what we were looking for and what they could offer us and they were really willing to work with us.  We decided not to go with them in the end though.  I do remember them saying they would wear any kind of suits you want them to so if you want them in tuxes they will do that.  I kind of thought that some of their songs on their website could use a little more energy - but people from this sight really seem to like them.
  • TigerCarrie82TigerCarrie82 member
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    They are great!  They were suppose to play at our wedding but some scheduling conflicts came up and they couldn't.  Do not worry.  They sound really really awesome!
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