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oh lordyp

I just found out my MOH is due to have a baby June 1 2010....the wedding is June 5 2010.. I am so excited for her.

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    That is very exciting!!
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    Oh, wait: does this possibly have anything to do with some of the hesitancy to dress shop.... explains responses (or lack there of) if it does. I love babies!! I get to be an aunt again~ it's awesome!
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    Wow!  Many congrats to her!  We were in a similar situation - a gal who was going to be a BM became pregnant and was due right around my wedding date.  As it turned out, the baby came around midnight the night before the wedding, so she and her family obviously couldn't make it.  But we got to toast to them at the reception, which was a lot of fun!  :-) 
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    My MOH is due Dec 6th and my wedding is Nov 7th.  We think she is going to make it okay but it does make things a little more interesting in terms of dress shopping and so forth.  She seems to be having a good healthy pregnancy so I have no concerns. 
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    She wasn't one of the hesitant ones in the emails kellie.....It will make dress shopping slightly more difficult but I told her that if she still wanted the job of MOH it was hers(she had told me if I wanted to "kick her out" it was ok). I would never kick her out. I think it is really cool though because unknowingly after setting the date we found out it will be her 5 year anniversary on our wedding date and know we will get to celebrate the birth of their 2nd baby. I am excited.
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    As a new mommy, and being in a wedding when I felt like a whale this summer, PLEASE let her pick out a dress that she will feel comfortable in.  Although I liked the dress that I wore this summer, I would have liked it if I wasn't pregnant and I didn't really feel great about myself in it 7 months pregnant.  (It had a great thick waist band that I had to wear under my boobs rather than on my waist...which looked wierd to me with everyone else's around their waist!!).  Congrats to her and you!  Its a fun time!!
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    don't worry...she will be able to wear whatever she wants. Just has to be brown lol
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