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Help me be girly!!! :)

In my lifetime, I think I've had 2 pedicures and 1 manicure. I have no idea what the average cost would be for these things, but I'm pretty sure I want them for my wedding day... in.... 25..... days.... ACK! So, a few questions: 1.  What should I expect to pay for a mani/pedi? (I do NOT want acrylics)  2.  Does this cost change if I want a French manicure?3. Do you have any recs for the Mason/Deerfield Twp area? TIA ladies! 

Re: Help me be girly!!! :)

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    1. I typically pay about $30 for a manicure and about $60 for a pedicure and I usually go to Mitchell's or Paragon. 2. I think most places typically charge a few extra dollars for a french manicure. In some cases (when the mani is after the pedi) I paid before the services so I didn't have to dig through my wallet with wet nails and the will still do a french manicure even if you didn't pay for that specifically. 3. I live on the westside so I don't know many places in that area, but there is a Paragon near Fields Ertel and there is a Mitchell's in West Chester.
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    There is a HUGE difference in price in spa/salon type places as opposed to a nail place (in my experience).  My pedicure runs $42 usually, and I get french.  A manicure would be $15 extra for french, but I never get it (no acrylics, I hate them too!).  That's at my regular nail place.  It was $90 for both at Paragon when I went there, and I wasn't thrilled with it.  The pedi was nice, but the girl I had was a little off.  She tried on my ring, guessed it to be very, very wrong, and then asked how much it cost- in front of my MIL.  MIL who has made many, many comments about my ring.  Not the relaxing experience I had envisioned.
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    1. Mitchell's Salon has pricing on their website - it depends on what level of nail technician you book with. They also have mani/pedi combo discounts. http://mitchellssalon.com/uploads/documents/pricingguide091.pdf (Sorry I don't know how to make it clicky) 2. (See above pricing list) 3. I love love love Mitchells! I have gone to the West Chester and Kenwood locations.
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    I go to the Venetian Nail & Skin Salon located in the Deerfield Town Center, right across from New York & Co. and Ann Taylor Loft.  They have great prices and do a wonderful job.  I live in Mt. Lookout and drive all the way out there because I haven't found a place that is as good as Venetian.  I go to Kim, she is the best!  I regulary get a french pedicure and french acrylic fill-in which, with tip is about $90, so if you get a french mani and pedi it will be less than that, probably around $60-$70. Nail places do charge less than full on salon/day spas.
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