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Just wanted to update you on my seating chart. It's all finished and I ended up using a template I had found on the internet, and it was made with Powerpoint. Adding the picture behind was really easy, I just added the picture, made it black & white, adjusted the size to fit to the page, and I right clicked and there an option to "send to back" so I did that and all the writing was on top of the picture. It was kind of a lot work getting the writing to look perfect and I also had to blur out some writing in the background of the picture I had used, but it was totally worth the man hours because it turned out great and I think people (and by this I mean woman, since I know no man won't even notice, lol) will think it's nice.I can send you a copy of it if you want to look at it for inspiration. Let me know, and good luck with yours if you are still doing one!
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2012 Reading Challenge
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    Hey girl,Thanks so much for remembering to tell me this.  That was sweet of you.  Glad it's done, and that sucks that it was a lot of work...seems like every DIY project is.Best wishes for a perfect wedding.  You must be so nervous and excitied with it being so close.  Can't wait to see pics.
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