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We should have about 10-12 couples from out-of-state. Out of them, maybe half will be using the hotel we suggested. The other half will be staying with family and friends, or at other hotels. Questions:1. Do we make bags for the ones staying with family and drop them off wherever they are staying?2. The ones that are not using "our" hotel are staying closer to Htfd, near their families. Do I have someone drive the hour to drop-off the OOT bags?I guess my thinking is that OOT bags are handy for hotels, but are kinda overkill when couples will be staying with their parents. And I don't want to slight anyone out of a goodie-bag. Thoughts?

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    I would just do OOT bags for the guests staying at the hotel you made arrangements with.. no need to drive yourself crazy dropping bags off all over the state lol.  
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    I agree that you should just drop the bags at the hotels you suggested for the guests to stay at. A question I have is how do you know which guest is staying at which hotel? I am 99% my guests are staying at one of the two hotels I suggested but how do I find out which one without personally asking each guest? Can I call the hotel and be a creeper by asking who has a reservation under my hotel block? The bags are personalized so they need to go to the right place... and I'm not crazy, they are only personalized in the sense that they are labeled and have specific amounts of goodies depending on how many people are in the room. :)
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    vw- I know that the Htfd hotel is coming into play because the ones staying there have family in the area. And they told me that that's where they're staying. They've used it before. Also, I'm getting married Thanksgiving weekend and it's close to Bradley. Just in case of layovers and other random acts of God. I know that Saybrook Point will tell me who is staying there as long as they use our name when booking.
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    vworonec, yes you should be able to find out who booked in your block.  Call the hotel and they should give you a list!  I had the Marriott email me a list so I could make sure I had the right amount of bags.
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