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Minnesota-Minneapolis and St. Paul

I don't have flowers yet!

So the BIG day is the 9th of Oct. I was going to get flowers from the Farmer's Market, but there are not many vendors there on Friday mornings and eh, with the kind of weather we're having I'm kinda worried about getting fresh flowers. One vendor told me that if there's a freeze there won't be many! I do NOT want to spend a lot and need 6 boquets...Any suggestions? I live in Coon Rapids. I was thinking Costco. Anyone use just reguar ol flowers from Costco or Cub??

Re: I don't have flowers yet!

  • rkroerrkroer member
    edited December 2011
    Check Flowerama, they have good flowers for decent prices.  Target has roses (and they lasted me about a week), Cub flowers are good too.  Depends on what kind you're looking for, as a floral place will most likely have a larger selection.  Have you checked with any smaller, local florists? 
  • jaramlerjaramler member
    edited December 2011
    I haven't used them wedding-wise, but I think the flowers from Costco and Sam's Club are pretty nice.  I've bought them before just for the house and they are nice and a great buy.So if you were planning on doing your own flowers anyways, I think you'd be fine to purchase them at those places.  I don't know if it's too late now, but I know you can also order them online and they could be shipped to your house.
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    There is a place at the Farmer's Market called Market Flowers, they are in a building by where the bands play and where there are more crafty things for sale. They also have a shop in the skyway in downtown Minneapolis. The building at the Farmer's Market has a huge cooler inside where they keep all of their flowers, so you shouldn't have to worry about freshness, the last time I bought flowers from them, they looked fresh for two weeks! I've been there on Friday mornings before and had no problem getting flowers. If you google Market Flowers Minneaplis a link to their website should be the first one to pop up. HTH!
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    And their prices were better than many others I had found around the cities.
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    Try flowers4us.com. They are located in north Minneapolis. I talked with the owner and he said they take orders weekly and receive the flowers on Wednesday. Good luck!!
  • joe&laurajoe&laura member
    edited December 2011
    When my FMIL got remarried a few years ago, she used Costco and she still raves about their flowers.  They had all their kids, spouses, and grandkids as their WP, so I'm guessing she made about 6 bouquets and probably like 15-20 bouts, along with a few vases for the church.  I think she only paid $150 for all the red roses she used.  The wedding was before I came along but from what I can tell from the pictures, they turned out beautiful.
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    If you are looking to put them together yourself, you could check trader joes in Maple Grove. They have really pretty flower for very inexpensive. I have gotten flowers there in the past and I think they are really pretty. Good luck
  • flower_loverflower_lover member
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    For our tables, we bought fresh flowers from Rainbow foods, Lunds, and Byerly's. For 6 bouquets, you'd be able to find plenty of flowers there, and most of them get deliveries on Thursdays or Fridays so they'd be fresh for the weekend.Of those places, we noticed that the flowers from Lunds and Byerly's were the best quality...the roses had many more petals and looked more beautiful when they opened, so if that matters at all to you, I'd go there. Also, Lunds and Byerly's have tons of beatiful arranged bouquets, and greens you can use to fill in if you do your own arrangements. I'd highly recommend them! GL!
  • AmberDerekAmberDerek member
    edited December 2011
    I went to Trader Joes once and I thought their flowers were very pretty and reasonably priced.  They were better than many of the grocery store flowers I have seen.
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  • MesmrEweMesmrEwe member
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    edited December 2011
    Check out The Flower Guys...  They're one of the vendors at the Farmer's Market but they also have a shop so you don't have to worry about temps as much on the flowers since you'd be able to pick them up from the shop.  They'll do all of the arrangements for you for less than what you'll end up spending on all of the DIY supplies that are going to go along with your flowers.  They're also the place to go if you just want bulk flowers.  If you go in there this week you can order the specific flowers you want and the prices and flower quality I thought were better than what I found at Sam's (not sure of Costco because we don't have one near us)..  Also, remember, it's a GUY flower shop so don't be scared when you go in and it's not the prettiest flower shop you ever went into, focus on the blooms..  But for what they're charging, I'd just have them make the flowers up for you and not have to go through the extra supply expenses and time the day before your wedding...  Finally, don't freak that you don't have flowers lined up yet.  To put it in perspective, most florists can do funeral flowers on less than 1-3 days notice without upcharging a ton either...
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    I don't know if someone already mentioned this, but ask your venue and church if you're allowed to bring in flowers from a place like the farmers market. I know some venues won't allow you because of concern over bugs.
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