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Hi ladies, i dont post regularly, but i do lurk. :)First, i apologize if the pics are huge.Here's my dilemma, I found 2 dresses that i really like, very different from each other. I have already picked my bridesmaids dresses (polka dot see below) and I need opinions as to what you think of the two wedding dresses I like and how they woudl go with the bridesmaids dresses.Bridesmaid: [img][/img]Dress #1:[img][/img]Dress #2:[img][/img][img][/img]

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Re: Dress opinions/help

  • I think the bm dresses compliment dress 1 better. You look great in dress 1 too. I think dress 2 with the polka dot dresses would look too busy.
  • I think the style of the BM dress suits the first one the best too.  But you need to get the dress you feel best in!  No one will remember what the bridesmaids were wearing if YOU look and feel your best ( ^ . ^ )
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  • Obviously the style of #1 mimics the BM dresses but wear whichever dress you feel best in.  You should wear whatever makes you feel beautiful, not what you think matches best.
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