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Average cost for candy buffet?

We are having around 200 people, about how much do you think we will spend on candy?TIA!

Re: Average cost for candy buffet?

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    I was thinking about doing a candy buffet as well. I've tried to guess an approximate cost...and it came out to about 1000 for 150 people. (that includes, candy, buckets, and take out containers)  I'm hoping I'm way over estimating.
  • Jacks21583Jacks21583 member
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    $1000.00 for candy! For only 150 people? If you divide that out that's over $6.50 per favor/person...I'm not doing a candy buffet, but I have to believe you're overestimating. By a lot.
  • mink492mink492 member
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    ditto jacks. $1k is crazy. I spent around $350 for 200 people & had lots of leftovers. Most of our jars were borrowed, but still.
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    I spent around $130 on my containers, made a rule not to spend over $12 per any one container.  Worked on finding them for months at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Homegoods, etc.  For candy, we probably spent around $300 total for 160 guests.  We had some leftovers as well, not a lot but some.Take out containers, I can't remember, maybe $70ish? The overall cost wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  I just started planning early and did my research so I wouldn't be paying through the nose.  I also decided to expand the colors of the candy that were included so I didn't have to special order too much and save money that way.It was worth it though.  People's reactions were priceless!
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  • HeidiMarie95HeidiMarie95 member
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    It ends up being a lot more than you would think. Candy actually adds up really fast when you buy so much of it. I don't know for sure, but I think we spent $800-$1,000 on our buffet, and it was barely enough for 175 people! I am selling some candy buffet jars if you're interested, but I actually think the candy ended up costing more than the jars/tongs did.
  • npricelovenpricelove member
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    I spent about $600 total for 200 people and had a ton of candy leftover.  I spent abous $120 on containters.  $30 on candy bags.  And about $450 on candy from Gordons, CandyWarehouse, Sam's Club, and Meijer.  I started picking up candy earlier and just stored it in my basement.
  • GwenwhyfareGwenwhyfare member
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    Vendors are not aloud to post here. I would suggest you remove your post ASAP.
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    haha, and way to dig up a year old thread!
  • reginamgarzareginamgarza member
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    where I live there are service places for the candy buffete and it ran about $400.00 for 150 people.  I am currently lloking into placces for my own wedding  as well so good luck and dont let them take you for a ride it should not cust more than $500.00 for a buffete....try looking at michigan wedding and candy buffete ...located in Troy Michigan and good luck
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