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My Groom doesn't like cake

So my Groom doesn't like cake. He is more of a ice cream person, or cheese cake type of guy. So I was wondering what to do!? Maybe get a grooms cake of cheese cake? Any ideas

Re: My Groom doesn't like cake

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    That's a great idea.  Just a word of caution - you have to be very careful with cheesecakes at weddings.  They can only set out unrefrigerated for so long. I made the cheesecakes for my DD's wedding last May and they cut the cakes/cheesecakes during their cocktail hour so it could be plated and served as dessert.  No problems whatsoever. As a matter of fact, i just took one out of my oven a few minutes ago.  Yum
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    You are right, groom's cake all the way. My fiance loves fruit filling in cake and i HATE it... so his groom's cake has passion fruit filling and the wedding cake has cream cheese :)
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    My FI is having his grooms cake as cheese cake. We are having 6 cheese cake. He is not a fan of cake but there are a few he will eat. I told him he has to suck it up and eat the cake when we do the cake cutting and he just said ok. lol.
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    My cousin had a wedding cake that was just 3 types of cheesecake. It was really good.
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    Thankyou for the great advice, Ladies! I'm going to my cake tasting in two weeks so I will talk to my baker of either incorpating a cheese cake or grooms cake. Still haven't made my mind up yet but at least I have a start! THANKYOU =D
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    My FI also hates cake so are having a cake made out of cheese for FI's groom's "cake". I think you should have something he likes:-) [img][/img]
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    Serve cheesecake or ice cream then. With the countless array of desserts to choose from, there is no law that says you have to serve cake for the groom's cake. A groom's cake may be traditional in some areas, but it's not required. When it is served, it is the groom's favorite dessert, whatever that may be.
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    We had cheesecakes instead of wedding cake.  Pics in married bio.We got them at the Super Walmart bakery and they were awesome.  Only $120 for enough for 120 people.
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