Questions for Bridesmaids

First, I'm very excited because I hosted a bridesmaid luncheon this past Sunday at Arcadia Farms to ask my girls to stand up in our wedding. That's a huge check off my list! Second, now that I picked my maids, I want to have each girl's shoe size, shirt size, fav color, etc. on hand in case I find gifts I want to buy them over the next few months. FE, I already found slippers that they can wear at the reception to comfort their tired feet. Besides their shoe/shirt size, fav color & measurements, did you find any additional info helpful to keep on file for your maids? TIA!!!!

Re: Questions for Bridesmaids

  • sms274sms274 member
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    I would get a list of favorite snacks so you can have some stuff in the room where you girls are getting ready. One thing I have heard over and over again is that the girls, including you, forget to eat. So this would be a nice way to keep everyone hydrated and fueled :)
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    Thanks! That's a good idea. Our ceremony is 1 hour so I don't want them to go hungry that day. :o)
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