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Hey girls! I'm just wondering if anyone knows the answer to this...I am changing my last name but I have a feeling my job might tell me I have to keep my maiden name there because I have a sales job and it will mess up their reporting/email/etc. If I am one name there and another name everywhere else, can't I get audited by the IRS?? I'm willing to fight if they tell me I can't change it but I need to make sure I'm correct first! TIA!

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    I honestly don't think anyone can tell you that you can't change your name. Your SSN stays the same, so I don't see any problems with the IRS. A lot of women decide to keep their maiden name in their professions, but for all legal matters, they use their married names. Some ladies on the nest might have more detailed answers for you.
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    If you change your name with the Social Security Administration, then your SSN moves to your 'new' married name.  Your employer must comply with this change, and issue your W-2 in your new name and corresponding SSN at year-end.  You will file your 2009 Form 1040 in your married name, and the IRS will know who you are because they share information with the SSA and will have made the same adjustment to their records.  If you continue to use your old name, the IRS will send you a letter stating that they have a mismatch in their information.  It doesn't trigger an IRS audit, but the information will not match and they will ask what's going on.  It could delay your refund (possibly) if they have to inquire what's going on. My employer had no trouble changing everything over.  And they set up my email so both old and new names work until  I get the word out about the change.
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    It sounds like your job doesn't want to do the legwork to change your name. It shouldn't mess anything up; any decent bookkeeper/accountant can put 2 and 2 together and get it done quickly. If you want to change your name, change your name! I would not let my job tell me no just to simplify things for them. I agree with PP's...changing your name at the SS office but not at work could cause delays/problems for you when it comes to filing your returns.
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