Alternative to inner envelopes?

Have any of you done your own invitations and not used an inner envelope? How did you specify who was invited? I'll break down and buy them if I have to, but I'm trying to think of an alternative.

Re: Alternative to inner envelopes?

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    On the RSVP card, you could individually list the people that are invited and they can have a check box next to their name on whether they are coming or not. That is what we are doing!
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    We aren't going to use an inner envelope.  We are putting everyone's names on both the outer envelope and RSVP card.
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    we used belly bands with the guest names instead - PIB
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    we really didn't have a problem with this at all-- and didn't use any of the tactics suggested here.  I will say that an inner envelope can litterally be anything-- a bellyband, an actual envelope, a simple folding of vellum around the invite suite, etc. and I think they add a little 'class' to the invite.   
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    We just addressed the (only) envelope to everyone who was invited - if it was a family, the parents were on the first line, then kids on the second, and then the address. Nobody misunderstood.
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    I had pocket invites tied with a circle of ribbon.  To save on the postage of the two envelopes, we did the standard wording on the outer envelope, then inserted a note card (same cardstock as the pocket) inside the ribbon with the "inner envelope" wording listing all the guests.  It looked nice, sort of completed the inner package, and postage came in at 98 cents, I was psyched!
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    No inner envelope here.  We're doing a belly band of some sort (either vellum or lace), and typing the guests' names on the RSVP card with a checkbox for "accept" and "regret"
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    Ok, these are some great ideas, thanks ladies!
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