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Suggestions for bachelorette party in Stillwater?

I am planning a bachelorette party for a girl friend in Stillwater (for her September 2011 wedding)....

Any suggestions on where to stay?

Or what to do?  Ideas I had were spa, shopping, wine tasting, boat ride, etc....

I think we'll have about 10-12 girls.

Thanks so much!!!

Re: Suggestions for bachelorette party in Stillwater?

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    I just had my bachelorette party in Still water like 3 weeks ago!

    We did a wine tasting and lunch at Northern Vineyards.  We were there for about 2 hours, tried 8 wines, and had lunch catered in from a pizza and pasta place...it was DELICOUS.  They have information on their website about private parties.

    After that we had to wait a bit to check in to our hotel so we wander around browsing all the shops in town. 

    We stayed that the Water Street Inn in a suite that faced the river.  It was adorable!  We played games, open gifts, had some drinks, and got ready for the night there.

    For dinner we went to Luna Rossa and had more yummy food and drinks.  We went to the bar at the hotel for a couple of drinks, then to a few places downtown. It was a lot of fun!

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    I was also at a bachelorette party there a few weeks ago too. We had wine tasting and dinner at Luna Rosa, very good food, and then went out after that. The Freight House is a very popular dance spot if you're looking to dance later in the evening. I've also stayed at the Water Street Inn for another bachelorette party and it was nice. Wherever you decide to stay the night though, I suggest calling ASAP since I know the summer weekends are very busy there.
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