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Poll: Halloween Movies

So, I am ridiculously obsessed with Syfy Channels 31 days of Halloween, and I was wondering, what is everyone's favorite Halloween-type movieI have 3:1)Nightmare Before Christmas (kind of Halloween)2)Rocky Horror Picture Show3)The Worst WitchOf course I could list every scary movie possible, but those are my top favs.
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Re: Poll: Halloween Movies

  • I really like the old House of Usher with Vincent Price as well as the old House on Haunted Hill also with Vincent Price. I can't watch the new House on Haunted Hill because of the spinning machine that makes people not insane. It makes me motion sick!
  • lol your right!!! I always get sick when I watch that part too. I like the original House of Wax, but can't watch the new one (or old one that much anymore) because of my fear of wax museums
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  • FI loves Halloween movies.  He makes me watch It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown every year.  I love Nightmare Before Christmas.  And every couple years I get the urge to watch Hocus Pocus again.  In general, I like all kinds of horror movies except the ones with zombies or aliens.  How do you feel about the "SyFy" name change?  It will always be SciFi to me. 
  • SyFy sucks. Sounds like a shortened version of syphilis. I love SciFi. It needs to go back.

  • LoL your right about what it sounds like now. I was looking through channels, and the Science channel or something has taken Sci...maybe they bought the rights or something. Kinda like how WWF (wrestling) changed to WWE or something like that because of the wildlife federation
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  • I minored in Public Relations, and the whole SyFy thing just makes me laugh.  There was something in the release about how it was going to appeal to a broader audience and something to the effect of "if someone was going to text it, they would have spelled it syfy anyway."  Really?  That one extra letter would have killed you to type so much that you had to change the whole thing?From what I got out of it, the owner could not trademark "SciFi" because it refers to an entire genre; he could however make up a new work and trademark that.  Of course, I don't know how that will make it more profitable because doing so seems to have alienated and p!ssed off most of their fan base. 
  • For loving Halloween as much as I do, I am not really into horror movies. I love watching stuff on Ghosts though.... But I do love me my Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride.
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  • In Canada "Syfy" is Space. "Syfy" makes me think of Stir Fry, which makes me hungry.
  • I'm with punkveg. Love me anything Burton, but horror movies? Not so much. I don't like being scared. Blood doesn't scare me, its the suspense and emotional roller coasters that do me in.
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