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Massachusetts-Cape Cod

New and need help!

Hi fellow Cape Cod Knotties! My fiancee and I are getting married on December 19 2009.. yes in 2 months. We were supposed to be getting married in a few more years but he is joining the Air Force so we had to move things up a bit. He really wants to have what he calls a "real wedding" for me, instead of just doing a quickie JofP thing. He rocks! So, we are literally throwing this together. I have a dress, a veil, shoes, tiara, and a local vendor has ever so graciously donated a bouquet, boutonniere, and some small centerpieces for free! I cried when I read her email. My one issue is this: we have NO CLUE where to have the actual ceremony! We are on a very very tight budget, so resorts are out of the question.. any ideas? We are located mid-cape, in the Hyannis area. Thanks!

Re: New and need help!

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    Is there any chance that you could have it performed at a family members home? I have always liked the idea of clearing a living room and putting down nice rented chairs. I think it would be so pretty especially with some decorations already up. My second immediate thought was The Kelly Chapel in Yarmouth, it is right next to the Old Yarmouth Inn. I think it would be perfect! I also think you should consider them for your reception, no matter how small or big, they are very reasonably priced. Good Luck!
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    Unfortunately no family members have a home that is available.. we literally are doing friends only since my parents can't be there. His stepdad will be there (his mom died last year) so its just very small. The only issue I have with the chapel is my best friend got married there, plus we are Wiccan so it would be weird for us.. We discussed churches/chapels and it feels uncomfortable. Thanks tho!
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    Just an FYI LOVE the Kelly chapel and Yarmouth Inn for this purpose.  It was too small and informal for my wedding but both are very New England and quaint.  Plus I can't imagine it would be too busy during December.  Also sorry I don't have more recommendations but look more into restaurants.  I imagine if you find a place, you could easily have the ceremony in front of a fireplace.  You could look into Yarmouth House, Cape Codder (may be more pricy though) and I've heard of people getting married at Alberto's in Hyannis too.  Good luck and let us know what you decide!
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    Use the UU Meeting House in Provincetown.  It's technically a church, but you can be pagan or wiccan and still be a UU.  I don't live in Cape Cod, but our UU director of religious education where I live sets up Beltane altars and the like ;)
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    Since we live in Hyannis (as do the few people coming) going to PTown isn't really an option but I will definitely file that fact away for a few friends who are getting married next year. As far as restaurants, we honestly can't afford to rent one out for the night. We lucked out as far as food, since one of my FI's coworkers is a great cook and has volunteered to make food for our "reception" :) I think it's time to beg people to please let us use their house lol
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    There is also the UU on 6A in Barnstable!
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    What about looking into an Elks Lodge, AmVets, or VFW of some sorts.  Some of them are pretty nice.  Out where I live(off cape)  we recently renovated the Elks Lodge and the hall is really nice now.  I know there is a small rental fee but I don't think it tops out more than $200-250.  And they usually have all the tables and chairs already.  Good Luck!!
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